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The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever

by Susie Cushner Beatrice Ojakangas

A good cook once said that a casserole is a blend of inspiration and what's on hand. Beatrice Ojakangas must have had inspiration by the gallon to come up with these 500 casseroles. From a breakfast of Eggs Florentine to a dinner of Pork Chops with Apple Stuffing, soon even the most casserole-wary cook will be dishing about these delights. Yummy treats like Parmesan and Sun-Dried Tomato Quiche and Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp are just right for parties. Even appetizers are reinvented in casserole form! The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever will inspire comforting dishes and innovative feasts for any meal of the day--no matter what's in the fridge.

Best Castles

by Unknown

Many of the castles featured offer a wealth of things to see and do, from their beautiful settings and manicured gardens, to museum collections and re-enactment events. Not only does the book give you essential information for visiting the castles, but it also provides background information on the roles castles played and other interesting facts to make your visit more enjoyable. This book is beautifully illustrated with photographs of the castles.

The Best Catch in Texas

by Stella Bagwell

They said he had striking looks-andNicolette Saddler certainly felt that something had struck her straight in the heart when she first locked eyes with Dr. Ridge Garroway. But Nicolette had had her fill of good-looking, sweet-talking men and she wasn't interested in another one, especially not a sexy cowboy doctor who had secrets of his own. Yet Ridge, unlike anyone she'd ever met, seemed to warm the coldness that filled her. Could he be a man worth catching once and for all?

The Best Christian Short Stories

by Bret Lott

The first volume in a collection of contemporary fiction that combines the artistry of critically accaimed writers with a clear Christian worldview.From Homer Hickam, the best-selling author of Rocket Boys--which later became the movie October Sky to editor and contributing best-selling author Bret Lott, this collection spans a talented community writing an eclectic blend of fiction. Each piece stands alone as stellar fiction. And each piece confronts us with who we are and forces us to look deeply at the human condition. From the dirt lanes of North Africa to the suburbs of California, exuding lightheartedness and profundity, hilarity and tragedy, these stories will take you on a fresh and entertaining journey.

The Best Christmas

by Sarah Hines Stephens Jane B. Mason

Poor Hattie. Her mother has died and her father is traveling across America looking for work during the depression. She has to live with her two fussy aunts and her pipsqueak brother, as well as the stuck-up new girl on the farm next door. Christmas is coming and Hattie isn't in the spirit. But then she decides she will make enough money to bring her father home ... and make the Best family's Christmas the most wonderful one ever!

The Best Christmas Ever

by Cheryl Wolverton

"The Best Christmas Ever" A holiday homecoming was Sarah's way of healing the pain she'd caused her family. But this special time with her adorable niece and her late sister's handsome husband, Justin Warner, made her long to give the little girl what she wanted most for Christmas-- a new mommy! "A Mother's Love" Lost and betrayed, Maggie Gardere believed she and her unborn child were all alone--until Reverend Jake Mathison gave her a home, work, another chance. He also wanted to give her, and her baby, his love. Yet how could she ever again allow a man into her heart?

The Best Christmas Ever

by Stella Bagwell

When Nick Gallagher returns to his hometown for his brother's Christmas wedding, the confirmed bachelor and military man has to exchange his usual army fatigues for the tux of a best man. Nick has never thought about settling down himself, but soon finds his attention straying...mostly to the very pretty neighbor next door.Allison Lee doesn't trust men-especially ones as handsome as Nick. She knows firsthand that they usually run off at the mention of the word commitment, and she won't risk having her heart broken again. But as Allison begins to see the tenderness behind Nick's charming ways, she's finding it harder and harder to give him his marching orders!

The Best Christmas Ever

by Sylvia Green

[From the back cover:]] "Puss is a country cat at heart, and loves living in a small town. But Puss's owner Jenni moves to the city where there's traffic and people seem so unfriendly. He decides he must return home to the country. On his way back, Puss realizes that home isn't about place--it's about being with loved ones. Illustrations."

The Best Christmas Ever

by Stella Bagwell

Christmas Bells, Wedding BellsWhen Nick Gallagher returned to his hometown for his brother's Christmas wedding, the confirmed bachelor and military man had to exchange his usual army fatigues for something more suitable-the tux of a best man. Nick had never thought about settling down, but soon he found his attention straying...mostly to the very pretty neighbor next door.Allison Lee didn't trust men-especially ones as charmingand handsome as Nick. She knew firsthand that men usually ran off at the mention of the word "commitment." And she couldn't risk having her heart broken again. But even as Allison withdrew, Nick seemed to draw closer...

The Best Contemporary Women's Fiction

by Elizabeth Benedict Maggie O'Farrell Jenna Blum Ann Patchett Nicole Mones Molly Gloss

Best Contemporary Women's Fiction: Six Novels includes works by some of the finest novelists of today. Almost by Elizabeth Benedict chronicles the attempt of writer Sophy Chase to come to terms with the death of her almost ex-husband -- who may have committed suicide on the New England resort island where she left him just months before.Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum follows Trudy, a professor of German history, as she investigates her mother's past and the truth surrounding her life in Germany during WWII. Combining a passionate, doomed love story, a vivid evocation of life during the war, and a poignant mother/daughter drama, Those Who Save Us is a profound exploration of what we endure to survive and the legacy of shame. The Hearts of Horses by Molly Gloss is a heartwarming, greatly satisfying story of a young woman with the rare talent of "gentling" wild horses and the unexpected and profound connections between people and animals. The Last Chinese Chef by Nicole Mones takes readers inside the hidden world of elite cuisine in modern China through the story of an American food writer in Beijing. When recently widowed Maggie McElroy is called to China to settle a claim against her late husband's estate, she is blindsided by the discovery that he may have led a double life. The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O'Farrell is a gothic, intricate tale of family secrets, lost lives, and the freedom brought by truth that will haunt you long past its final page. The Magician's Assistant by Ann Patchett tells the story of a secretive magician's death that sets in motion his partner's journey of self-discovery.

Best Cover Letters for $100,000+ Jobs

by Wendy S. Enelow

Offers great cover letter guidance.

The Best Cowboy Stories Ever Told

by Stephen Brennan

A hearty collection of stories, each of which captures a different aspect of what it means to be a cowboy. Some invoke the danger and drama, some the pride, and others the sheer fun of it all. Get to know what the cowboy life was really like and be caught up in thrilling adventures in a lawless land.The Best Cowboy Stories Ever Told fits right in to a long and solid tradition of American fascination with the Wild West. By bringing a variety of heralded names in cowboy literature together in one place, Brennan guarantees there will be a story for everyone in this collection. Authors include Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Eugene Manlove Rhodes, Frederic Remington, and Charles M. Russell.Part of the well-established The Best Stories series, each of which is selectively edited and hand-crafted to include only the best stories from the best writers of the genre.

The Best Creative Nonfiction

by Lee Gutkind

Lee Gutkind, proclaimed the "Godfather behind creative nonfiction" by Vanity Fair, along with the staff of his landmark journal Creative Nonfiction, has culled alternative publications, 'zines, blogs, podcasts, literary journals, and other often overlooked publications in search of new voices and innovative ideas essays and articles written with panache and power.

The Best Creative Nonfiction (Vol. 3)

by Lee Gutkind

"Intelligent but accessible, and often poignant . . . [by] the biggest talents on the essay and blog beat." --Publishers Weekly (on Vol. 2) Anyone still asking, "What is creative nonfiction?" will find the answer in this collection of artfully crafted, true stories. Selected by Lee Gutkind, the "godfather behind creative nonfiction," and the staff of Creative Nonfiction, these stories--ranging from immersion journalism to intensely personal essays--illustrate the genre's power and potential. Edwidge Danticat recalls her Uncle Moise's love of a certain four-letter word and finds in his abandonment of the word near the end of his life the true meaning of exile. In "Literary Murder," Julianna Baggott traces her roots as a novelist to her family's "strange, desperate (sometimes conniving and glorious) past" and writes about her decision, in The Madam, to kill off a character based on her grandfather. And Sean Rowe explains why, if you must get arrested, Selma, Alabama, is the place to do it. This exciting and expansive array of works and voices is sure to impress and delight.

The Best Day the Worst Day: Life with Jane Kenyon

by Donald Hall

A candid memoir of love, art, and grief from a celebrated man of letters, United States poet laureate Donald Hall In an intimate record of his twenty-three-year marriage to poet Jane Kenyon, Donald Hall recounts the rich pleasures and the unforeseen trials of their shared life. The couple made a home at their New England farmhouse, where they rejoiced in rituals of writing, gardening, caring for pets, and connecting with their rural community through friends and church. The Best Day the Worst Day presents a portrait of the inner moods of "the best marriage I know about," as Hall has written, against the stark medical emergency of Jane's leukemia, which ended her life in fifteen months. Between recollections of better times, Hall shares with readers the daily ordeal of Jane's dying through heartbreaking but ultimately inspiring storytelling.

The Best Defense

by Rebecca Mitchell A. W. Gray

At a gala event in downtown Dallas, lawyer Sharon Hays runs into an old friend turned Hollywood star who is in town promoting her most recent film with her current lover--a Hollywood bad boy. But when a brutally murdered corpse is discovered in her posh hotel suite, the starlet finds herself accused of the crime. Sharon is all too eager to take up her friend's defense, but the facts of what happened that night in the hotel room are far from clear. Sharon's friend claims she never went back to the room, and her lover had supposedly blacked out. Soon Sharon finds herself in the media spotlight defending America's sweetheart.

The Best Defense

by Kate Wilhelm

Attorney Barbara Holloway has given up on her father's dream for her to become a successful lawyer. The deaths of both Barbara's mother and her lover have deeply affected her, and now she lives on the tiny salary she makes helping the poor who can't pay for "real" legal services. When Lucille Reiner first asks Barbara to help her sister, Barbara has no idea that Lucille's sister is Paula Kemmerman, dubbed the "Baby Killer" by the press after her six-year-old daughter was burned to death, allegedly by a temporarily deranged Paula. The more Barbara investigates, the more certain she becomes that Paula is the innocent victim both of a right-wing fundamentalist with an ax to grind and of a legal system that has turned its back on an innocent woman.

The Best Defense

by Alan M. Dershowitz

The author presents his most famous, and infamous, cases and clients, and in the process, takes a critical, informed look at a legal system that he regards as deeply corrupt.From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

by Greg Palast

'The journalist I admire most. [Palast's] amazing work puts all the rest of us journalists to shame. I'm an avid reader of everything Palast writes - can never get enough of it. ' George Monbiot, The Guardian'The information is a hand grenade. ' John Pilger'Fucking brilliant brilliant. ' Mark Thomas'The raw material is so good and the stories told with such brio. 'Larry Elliot, The GuardianAward-winning investigative journalist Greg Palast digs deep to unearth the ugly facts that few reporters working anywhere in the world today have the courage or ability to cover. From East Timor to Waco, Karachi to Santiago, he has exposed some of the most egregious cases of political corruption, corporate fraud, and financial manipulation, globally. His uncanny investigative skills as well as his acerbic wit and no-holds-barred style have made him an anathema among magnates on four continents and a living legend among his colleagues and his devoted readership, worldwide. This exciting new collection brings together some of Palast's most powerful and influential writing of the past decade. His columns in the Observer have a cult following and he made headline news when he went undercover for the Observer to break open the 'Lobbygate' scandal of corruption inside the Blair Cabinet. Included here are his reports on that story, which earned him the distinction of being the first journalist ever to be personally attacked on the floor of Parliament by a prime minister; his celebrated Washington Post exposé on Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris's stealing of the presidential election in Florida, which made him "a legend and a hero on the Internet" (Alan Colmes / Fox Radio) when it ran in Salon. com; and recent stories on George W. Bush's pay-offs to corporate cronies, and the business-created 'energy crisis. ' Also included in this volume are new and previously unpublished material, television transcripts, photographs, and letters.

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: A Tale of Billionaires & Ballot Bandits

by Robert F. Kennedy Ted Rall Greg Palast

A close presidential election in November could well come down to contested states or even districts--an election decided by vote theft? It could happen this year. Based on Greg Palast and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s investigative reporting for Rolling Stone and BBC television plus new reporting by Palast for the new edition--a portion of which will be a Rolling Stone cover story, covered in major progressive media outlets which will include radio, television, and webcasts, and featured on listservs from important civil rights and activist organisations--The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: A Tale of Billionaires & Ballot Bandits will be the most important book published this year--one that could save the election.From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Best Detective

by Carolyn Keene

"I'm the best!" "No, I'm the best!" Who is the best detective of all? Nancy Drew's special detective notebook is gone! And, boy, is she in trouble. Inside were three passes - for her, Bess, and George - to the most spectacular movie of all time, Star Quest 2. Sure, Nancy's friends will forgive her...maybe in a million years. Even worse, Jason Hutchings is looking for the notebook - just to prove how easy it is to be a detective. One thing's for sure: these days, it's not easy being Nancy Drew!

The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World II

by Damian Ryan

In the second collection of The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World, bestselling author Damian Ryan presents an international showcase of the most successful digital marketing campaigns in recent history.Full of behind-the-scenes insights into campaign strategy, implementation and results, it explores how businesses and agencies large and small have harnessed social media, blogs, video, email, mobile and search to boost their brand and attract customers. Covering a wide range of world-class, award-winning campaigns including Redbull and Stratos, Evian's 31 ways to live young, and Students Beans' Freshers' Field, The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World is an inspirational showcase of digital creativity and a must-read for everyone working in marketing and advertising.

Best Dips and Apps Ever: Fun and Easy Spreads, Snacks, and Savory Bites (Best Ever)

by Monica Sweeney

Quick and delicious recipes for the best-ever parties Entertaining has never been so easy! These effortless starters are both beautiful and delicious, and will impress any guest. With 70 outrageously tasty and creative recipes, there's something for everyone. Create the perfect appetizer to pair with your meal, or serve creamy dips at cocktail hour. Here at last is the solution to any last-minute dinner party or potluck. Or just whip one up as a tasty snack! You'll want to try them all, including: Salmon Canapés Caprese Salad Vietnamese Spring Rolls With a variety of fresh and flavorful options, this book will be the go-to guide for any party.?

Best Dips, Apps, & Sides: Budget-Proof Snacks, Spreads, and Side Dishes

by Monica Sweeney

The perfect entertainment companion for the best-ever parties Make your meal memorable with amazing appetizers, sensational side dishes, and delicious dips. These tasty supper supplements will steal the show, and with 60 creative recipes, there's something for everyone. Create the perfect appetizer to prepare palates, pair the main course with a complementing side dish, and thrill at happy hour with creamy dips for chips or veggies. All of your favorites are here, with a few new twists that will leave you wanting more: Spinach & Bacon Dip Fiery Meatballs Balsamic Brussels Sprouts Cheesy Cauliflower Lime & Chicken Chili Kebabs Savory Pinwheels Main dishes are great, but they shouldn't stand alone. Create a complete, delicious meal with the quick and easy recipes in Best Dips, Apps, & Sides.

Best Dog Stories

by Lesley O'Mara

A selection of favorite dog stories, including selections by James Herriot, Jack London, Rudyard Kipling, Albert Payson Terhune, Virginia Woolf, P. G. Wodehouse, G. K. Chesterton and more.

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