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The Doctor and the Kid

by Mike Resnick

Welcome to a West like you've never seen before! With the O. K. Corral and the battle with the thing that used to be Johnny Ringo behind him, the consumptive Doc Holliday makes his way to Deadwood, Colorado. But when a gambling loss drains his bankroll, Doc aims for quick cash as a bounty hunter. The biggest reward? Young, 20-year-old desperado known as Billy the Kid. With a steampunk twist on these classic characters, nothing can be as simple as it seems.

The Doctor and the Single Mom

by Teresa Southwick

Why had she rented her upstairs apartment to another doctor? Single mom Jill Beck knew the type, especially one as handsome as Adam Stone. The M.D. would stick it out in Blackwater Lake, Montana...until the first snowstorm. And then he'd leave everyone behind. But this time she wasn't getting involved.Yes, he thought Jill was one fine-looking landlady, but Adam knew romancing the town sweetheart wouldn't win him any points. Still, they could be friends and he could be the male influence her young son needed-no romantic strings involved. Well, perhaps he needed to check his temperature and be certain he hadn't misdiagnosed true love as just a simple case of friendship!

Doctor Bloom's Story

by Don Coles

Doctor Bloom's Story, a wry and subtle novel, is a Knopf Canada New Face of Fiction selection for 2004 and already a popular and critical favourite. What starts off sounding like a charming, bittersweet memoir develops rapidly into a complex and moving book centred on a pressing moral dilemma.In the first few pages, Dr. Nicolaas Bloom, cardiologist and would-be writer, describes his life's trajectory: from medical and literary studies in Leiden, Holland, through practice and research in Cambridge to, following the death of his wife, a new life in uptown Toronto. Dr. Bloom's story proper begins in a writing workshop, taught by his tough-talking neighbour Larry Logan: Bloom finds himself entranced by one of his young classmates, a quiet, self-possessed young woman named Sophie Führ.The novel quickly establishes the rhythm it will pursue throughout, its present-day action in counterpoint with Bloom's memories and reflections. Bloom works in a downtown medical clinic; he remembers his late wife and stillborn daughter; he considers his literary masters, most of all Chekhov; importantly, he meets Larry Logan's estranged wife Marianne. Then, out for a run in a local ravine, he sees a woman being beaten up; he has reason to believe it is his classmate, Sophie.As Bloom and Marianne Logan fall for one another, and Bloom tentatively pursues his long postponed writing, Sophie's situation becomes more and more of a concern; soon it has drawn in Larry, Marianne and others, none of whom are able to step in and help her. This is in part because, complicating matters, Sophie does not appear to want to be "rescued." As she puts it, speaking of herself in a coded, charged conversation in the writing workshop:"She has a belief. She believes that there are circumstances which, although they may not appear happy, are part of a the deeper life.... it would be a mistake, she thinks, to leave these circumstances."Sophie's husband, Walter Rollo Maggione, comes to Bloom for cardiac treatment. Abrasive and arrogant, some twenty-five years older than Sophie, he is a Swiss psychologist pursuing a doctorate at the University of Toronto, specializing in Jung. Meanwhile Marianne, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, has come to care about Sophie as deeply as Bloom has.Bloom and Marianne return from a brief Caribbean vacation to discover Sophie in the emergency room of Sunnybrook hospital, bruised and battered, claiming to have fallen down the stairs. Her husband has also been admitted, after an attack of angina. Attempts to intervene prove fruitless, but Bloom sees a way he could help Sophie: as Maggione's physician, he is aware of the subtleties of his condition, aware that were Maggione to not have the right medication to hand at the right moment, his life could be in danger.The novel's central moral question gains shape: given all he knows about Sophie's situation -- about the violence and suffering she experiences, and her view of it as a kind of religious task -- can Bloom justify "altering the odds"? Can he make it less likely that Maggione will pull through his next cardiac malfunction? Bloom's dilemma, carefully examined and disentangled, will haunt readers of this supple and moving novel long after its resolution.From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Doctor Claims His Bride

by Fiona Lowe

A nurse worth waiting for Nurse Mia Latham thinks she's found the perfect solution to get her life in order-a new job on an idyllic tropical island. But, thanks to her arrogant, teasing and devastatingly handsome new boss Dr Flynn Harrington, life isn't quite as simple as she might have hoped! Flynn can see Mia is hiding secrets, but the one thing she can't disguise is her passion for him! Flynn knows a thing or two about running away, but something about this beautiful nurse makes him want to unpack his suitcases and settle down-with Mia!

Doctor Cobb's Game

by R. V. Cassill

A brilliant, bewitching novel inspired by one of the twentieth century's most infamous sex scandals Michael Cobb is a skilled osteopath, a gifted painter, and a lover extraordinaire. In 1960s England, the good doctor makes a startling diagnosis: the nation is sick, fast approaching its demise, and the only hope for a cure is a sexual awakening so potent it reaches into the highest corridors of power. To put his plan in motion, Cobb indoctrinates a bevy of hip young Londoners in an intoxicating blend of ancient myths, occult beliefs, and erotic arts. His most promising student is Cecile Banner, a beautiful and beguiling temptress for whom Cobb has in mind a very special target: Richard Derwent, the minister of war. The fallout from Doctor Cobb's game reaches all the way across the Atlantic to upstate New York, where Norman Scholes, an investigator for a powerful American think tank, reads between the lines of the official British government report on the scandal. Was Cobb a Soviet spy? A master of black magic, as he sometimes claimed? Or, as the prosecutors accused, a pimp operating in a delirious time and place? Based on the outrageous events of the Profumo affair, R. V. Cassill's bestselling novel is an unforgettable story of a lust powerful enough to topple a nation.

Doctor Copernicus

by John Banville

'Banville is superb . . . there are not many historical novels of which it can be said that they illuminate both the time that forms their subject matter and the time in which they are read: Doctor Copernicusis among the very best of them' The Economist The work of Nicholas Koppernigk, better known as Copernicus, shattered the medieval view of the universe and led to the formulation of the image of the solar system we know today. Here his life is powerfully evoked in a novel that offers a vivid portrait of a man of painful reticence, haunted by a malevolent brother and baffled by the conspiracies that rage around him and his ideas while he searches for the secret of life. 'Banville writes novels of complex patterning, with grace, precision and timing' Guardian 'With his fastidious wit and exquisite style, John Banville is the heir to Nabokov' Daily Telegraph 'A tour de force: a fictional evocation of the great astronomer which is exciting, beautifully written and astonishingly redolent of the late medieval world' The Times

The Doctor Crisis

by Charles C. Kenney Jack Cochran

Kaiser Permanente, one of the world's leading health care providers, is an object lesson in the complex and frustrating challenges facing so many healthcare organizations today. It can boast of highly efficient medical teams performing clinical miracles, but it also had organizational troubles so deep rooted that, in the mid-1990s, patients and physicians fled in droves.In The Doctor Crisis, Jack Cochran, executive director of The Permanente Foundation, and author Charles Kenney use the example of Kaiser to shed light on the organizational problems plaguing American health today; and to show how we can improve healthcare on a grass roots level, regardless of political policy disputes, by improving conditions for primary care physicians. Doctors, they argue, are the key to making health care in the United States truly great-but doctors today are at record levels dissatisfied with the system in which they work. Cochran and Kenny believe we can fundamentally change that system by preserving and enhancing the careers of physicians. They clarify the steps we need to take to support doctors so that they can focus on patient care, and offer concrete ideas for creating an environment and establishing systems that encourage doctors to put patients' needs above all else. In our nation's effort to improve health care quality, access and affordability, the physician crisis is routinely overlooked. Yet solving the crisis is at the core of our ability as a nation to reach the major goals to which we aspire. We must solve the physician to improve the patient experience and improve the health of populations. And we must solve it to successfully implement the Affordable Care Act.

Doctor Daddy

by Jacqueline Diamond

When Luke Van Dam unexpectedly gets custody of his young daughter, the busy obstetrician has a new mission: to be the best dad he can be. Except he can't do it alone. So he turns to his good friend and new partner--fellow ob-gyn Jane McKay. Ten years ago Jane and Luke were more than med-school buddies. Until Jane realized Luke wasn't ready to settle down. Now the ultimate babe magnet is becoming the ultimate baby magnet. He just became guardian of an infant girl! Luke knows it takes two parents to make a family. . . and now Jane's planning to start one of her own! Is the cautious single dad ready to risk his heart with the woman he loves--and who is changing him baby step by baby step?

Doctor De Soto

by William Steig

Dentist Doctor De Soto, and his wife, outsmart a fox who plans trouble for them after they fix his tooth.

Doctor Death

by Lene Kaaberbol

From the coauthor of the critically acclaimed New York Times bestseller The Boy in the Suitcase, a "gripping plot" (Publishers Weekly, starred review) and captivating historical thriller.Strong-minded and ambitious, Madeleine Karno is eager to shatter the constraints of her provincial French upbringing. She wants to become a pathologist like her father, whose assistant she is, but this is 1894, and autopsies are considered unseemly and ungodly, even when performed by a man--hence his odious nickname, Doctor Death. That a young woman should wish to spend her time dissecting corpses is too scandalous for words.Thus, when seventeen-year-old Cecile Montaine is found dead in the snowy streets of Varbourg, her family will not permit a full post-mortem autopsy, and Madeleine and her father are left with a single mysterious clue: in the dead girl's nostrils they find a type of parasite normally seen only in dogs. Soon after, the priest who held vigil by the dead girl's corpse is brutally murdered. The thread that connects these two events is a tangled one, and as the death toll mounts, Madeleine must seek knowledge in odd places: behind convent walls, in secret diaries, and in the yellow stare of an aging wolf.Eloquently written and with powerful insight into human and animal nature, Doctor Death is at once a gripping mystery and a poignant coming-of-age story.

The Doctor Delivers

by Janice Macdonald

No easy answers...Neonatologist Dr. Martin Connaughton is renowned for his devotion to his tiny patients. And he's also well-known for his irritation with hospital politics.He finds himself-not for the first time-in conflict with the chief of surgery, who recommends an operation for Martin's newest patient. Martin disagrees-and refuses to back down, no matter how much prestige the operation might bring the hospital.Catherine Prentice-a single mother who works for the hospital's public relations department-has to get him to change his mind. Her job depends on it....

The Doctor Digs A Grave (Dr. Fenimore Mysteries)

by Robin Hathaway

Hathaway introduces sleuth cardiologist Dr. Andrew Fenimore, whose expert medical knowledge helps unravel the mysterious death of a Lenape woman. When Fenimore spots a street kid named Horatio unsuccessfully trying to bury his dead cat in a public park on Philadelphia's affluent Society Hill, he befriends the youth and offers to help him lay his pet to rest in what is rumored to be an ancient burial ground of the Lenape. Descendants of this East Coast tribe still live in the eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey area. While burying the animal, the doctor and Horatio stumble upon the body of a young girl who is buried in an upright position facing east as is traditional with the Lenape. From this curious discovery, Hathaway's novel weaves the forgotten culture of this tribe, the doctor's unconventional avocation as a P.I., and a cast of lovable but eccentric characters into a well-crafted tale of suspense.

Doctor Dolittle 2

by Lara Bergen

Life's become a lot more complicated for Dr. Dolittle now that he can talk to animals. Sometimes they expect him to solve their problems! When a lumber company begins cutting down forest animals' homes, the animals ask Dolittle for his help. "It has to be you, Doc," the frightened creatures beg him. "You're the only one we know who speaks human." The only way to save the forest is to find a mate for Ava, an endangered Pacific Western bear who lives there. Dolittle does locate a match--Archie, a singing, dancing bear who has been raised in captivity. But Ava isn't interested in Archie, and Archie wants to be onstage--not hibernating in the forest! Can Dr. Dolittle count on Archie to win Ava over and become a proud papa to little bear cubs, or are the forest animals and their homes destined for destruction?

Doctor Dolittle in the Moon

by Hugh Lofting

This is a tale of how Dr. Dolittle, Stubbins, parrot Polynesia, monkey Chee Chee arrive on the moon by way of a giant moth and their adventure.

Doctor Dolittle Tales

by Hugh Lofting

Meet Doctor Dolittle. He speaks with animals in their own languages. Travel with him across the ocean to Spidermonkey Island and meet the inhabitants of Popsipetal village.

Doctor Dolittle's Caravan

by Hugh Lofting

This book of the memoirs of Doctor Dolittle has been called the Caravan because it is in part a continuation of the Circus and the adventures that he met with in his career as a showman. Moreover, on his arrival in London the headquarters of the Dolittle household became the Doctor's caravan on Green heath (just outside the city) where his surgery and animal clinic continued their good work.

Doctor Dolittle's Zoo

by Hugh Lofting

If it wasn't a regular zoo to the ordinary public's way of thinking, it was very certainly Doctor Dolittle's idea of one. In his opinion, a zoo should be an animals' home, not an animals' prison. Every detail of our zoo was worked out with this idea foremost in mind, that the animals should be made comfort¬able and happy. Many of the old things were kept the same. There were certain rules, it is true, although the Doctor was not fond of rules, but they were all drawn up to protect the animals against one another, rather than to enslave them or cut off their liberty in any way.

Doctor Fischer of Geneva or the Bomb Party

by Graham Greene

How far will the rich go to satisfy their greed? A masterly, chilling and disturbing look at the deeper recesses of human nature.

Doctor for Keeps

by Kristi Gold

One look at dark, sultry doctor Rick Jansen and Miranda Brooks wanted him to detonate her innocence. Their incredible night left her quaking... and reconsidering her manifesto on staying single. But despite her strong, sudden desire to make this maverick lover hers for keeps, she' d never see her dream man again... Miranda Brooks was his new nurse? No matter how badly Rick' s body raged to relive every moment of their torrid interlude, he would resist. He was a man of ambition-- not love! So why were his arms aching to hold Miranda yet again... this time forever

A Doctor for Keeps

by Lynne Marshall

Her lifelong search for home... Desdemona Rask never knew much about her family. Now she is finally getting a chance to learn about her roots in the town of Heartlandia. For the first time, Desi feels as if there's somewhere she belongs...but there's more to her welcome home than she expected! Her grandmother's next-door neighbor looks like a Viking warrior, and he's giving Desi all sorts of unwelcome feelings.... ...might be closer than she thinks! Caring for his son, Steven, is single dad Dr. Kent Larson's first priority. But the boy's stunning new piano teacher makes him take a second look at his to-do list. Still, he's lost at love before-how could he risk another heart-battering? Does the doctor dare to go all in?

A Doctor for the Dead

by Margaret M. Higgins

Dear God! She was locked in! She could call out, let them know she was there. But that was absurd, and she knew it. If they found her there, they could not possibly allow her to live. She was trapped--locked in that region she had come to associate with unimaginable horrors, in almost total darkness, and alone. Or was she? From somewhere further along the pitch dark catacombs came a furtive scrabbling sound and, from the extreme periphery of her vision, she fancied she saw a movement, the hurried movement of some large shape that jerked forward, then retreated. The fear which agitated her heart, drove it to a frenzied drum beat, till she was aware of nothing but that fear; shrinking, craven, dehumanizing fear. No! She was not alone. She had company in this subterranean world of the doctor's experiments....

Doctor Glas

by Hjalmar Soderberg

Stark, brooding, and enormously controversial when first published in 1905, this astonishing novel juxtaposes impressions of fin-de-siècle Stockholm against the psychological landscape of a man besieged by obsession. Lonely and introspective, Doctor Glas has long felt an instinctive hostility toward the odious local minister. So when the minister's beautiful wife complains of her husband's oppressive sexual attentions, Doctor Glas finds himself contemplating murder. A masterpiece of enduring power, Doctor Glas confronts a chilling moral quandary with gripping intensity.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Doctor Goebbels

by Heinrich Fraenkel Roger Manvell

Quite possibly the most dangerous and intelligent member of the Nazi hierarchy, Joseph Goebbels's flair for propaganda and spectacular organization ensured the fu¨hrer's rise to power. As founder of the Reich Chamber of Culture, gauleiter of Berlin, and architect of complex machinery of modern totalitarian propaganda, Goebbels is considered one of the most evil figures of the twentieth century. It was through his understanding of the instruments of "public enlightenment" that the dictatorship was built and maintained. Through interviews with his friends and family and with information from his own unpublished diary, a remarkable picture of Goebbels emerges.

Doctor Illuminatus: The Alchemist's Son Part I

by Martin Booth

Dr. Illuminatus is a fast-paced story of alchemy and adventure, and sorcery and suspense, in which past and present comfortably coexist. When Tim and Pipis family moves to an old English country estate, they accidentally awaken an alchemist's son, Sebastian, from a centuries-old slumber. But Sebastian is father is enemy, Pierre de LoudEac, has also awakened--and is relentlessly pursuing the dream of alchemists to create an homunculus, an artificial human made from dead material. Aided by Sebastian's wise guidance and insight into six hundred years history, the two spirited siblings bravely take action to stop the man's ominous quest. But even as they daringly defeat de LoudEac in this battle, Evil lives on. . . .

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