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Slim's Good-bye (Hank the Cowdog Series, #34)

by John R. Erickson

The ranch is in trouble and Slim goes in search of a new home. When Slim lands a job in an unfamiliar town, Hank finds he's no longer Head of Ranch Security by Head of Chicken House Security.

Slimy Underbelly

by Kevin J. Anderson

"Two decaying thumbs up!"--Jonathan MaberryFlushing Out EvilThere's something fishy going on in the Unnatural Quarter. Bodies are floating face-down, the plumbing is backing up, and something smells rotten--even to a zombie detective like Dan Shamble. Diving into the slimy underbelly of a diabolical plot, Dan comes face-to-tentacles with an amphibious villain named Ah'Chulhu (to which the usual response is "Gesundheit!"). With his snap-happy gang of gator-guys--former pets flushed down the toilet--Ah'Chulhu wreaks havoc beneath the streets. While feuding weather wizards kick up storms and a gang of thieving lawn gnomes continues their reign of terror, Dan Shamble is running out of time--before the whole stinking city goes down the drain... Includes Bonus Story!Praise for the Dan Shamble Novels"Darkly funny, wonderfully original."--Kelley Armstrong "The Dan Shamble books are great fun." --Simon R. Green"Prepare to be entertained."--Charlaine Harris"Smart, savvy, incredibly clever!" --Heather Graham

The Sling and the Stone: On War in the 21st Century

by Thomas X. Hammes

according to colonel thomas hammes, the US is still fighting the last war -- the third-generation war. We believe that high tech weaponry and high tech skills alone can defeat our enemies. But we are wrong. For the enemy has moved into the fourth generation of warfare, and we are not prepared to fight it. Using examples as ancient as Greece and as modern as today's headlines in Iraq, Hammes lays out his arguments cogently and logically and offers ways we can prepare for this new 4GW.

Slip, Slide, and Slap Shot

by Franklin W. Dixon

Frank and Joe join the local ice hockey team. After practice one day, an ice skater accuses Joe of stealing her good luck charm. Without her small stuffed animal, she can't possibly skate in the upcoming competition. It's the Hardy brothers to the rescue. One illustration per chapter.


by Brian Garfield

An Arizona sheriff takes an impossible job: arresting Wyatt EarpWyatt Earp rides the train to Tucson alongside his brother Morgan, who makes the trip in the comfort of a wooden casket. Earp comes from Tombstone, along with his two surviving brothers and Doc Holliday, on a mission of vengeance for his murdered kin. They suspect Frank Stillwell of being the shooter, and are not interested in the bandit's denials. Earp is hardly off the train before he kills Stillwell, and he's on his way north before the body is cold. Unfortunately for the Earp gang, Stillwell had friends in high places. The governor issues warrants for their arrest, and sends a pair of lawmen north to Colorado to apprehend them. Jeremiah Tree, a sheriff nicknamed "Sliphammer" for his choice of pistol, is given the unenviable task of arresting Wyatt and his brother Warren. It's a suicide mission, but Sliphammer is too cool to fear any gunman, legendary or not.

The Slippage

by Ben Greenman

William and Louisa Day are a suburban husband and wife, with no children, confronting the question of what their relationship means to them and if and how it will survive. One day, after weeks of bizarre behavior--disappearing in the middle of parties, hoarding mail--Louisa approaches William with a stark request: "I want you to build us a house. " Caught off guard, William is suddenly forced to reckon with his own hopes and desires, his growing discomfort at home and work, and, in the end, his wife's fight-or-flight ultimatum. The result is an emotionally powerful novel, marked by Ben Greenman's trademark blend of yearning and mordant wit.

Slipper Under Glass (Maggie Jones, Ballerina #1)

by Lee Wyndham

The Exotic World of The Dance... For seven years Maggie Jones has dedicated herself to the dance, dreaming of the day when she'll be Magda Jonescu, prima ballerina. She must prove herself not only to her generous Aunt Jo, who has paid for the lessons and sent fabulous gifts from exotic places, but also to her doubting family. Neither Maggie's father, who is allergic to her feathery costumes, nor her younger brother, who thinks dancing is for sissies, can understand the forces which drive Maggie to practice for hours on end. On Maggie struggles, assailed by doubts, but sustained by her dreams and a yellowed ballet slipper--kept under glass--in which Pavlova danced The Swan. Success comes to Maggie in a strange, unbelievable way and, faced with a golden opportunity, she must learn how to compromise reality with her dreams.

Slippery Slopes

by Emily Franklin

Romances are questioned and friendships tested in the second installment of the Chalet Girls seriesAt Europe's hottest ski resort, life is never drama free. This time, the Chalet Girls--Melissa, Harley, and Lily (a.k.a. Dove)--find their bond with one another on the line. Melissa's feelings are split between two guys, and Lily's heart is still with her boyfriend on the faraway island of Nevis. When Harley gets a chance to go to that very locale and learns secrets about Lily, the limits of the girls' trust are put to the test. As the holiday season approaches, the work gets tougher--and relationships get chillier--at Les Trois Alpes.

Slippery When Wet

by Kimberly Raye

When a tomboyish racer is told she has to glam up in order to advance to the next stage of her career, she has her eyes on the prize: beating the pants off chauvinistic NASCAR superstar Rory Canyon.

A Slipping-Down Life

by Anne Tyler

"Without Anne Tyler, American fiction would be an immeasurably bleaker place."NEWSDAYEvie Decker is a shy, slightly plump teenager, lonely and silent. But her quiet life is shattered when she hears the voice of Drumstrings Casey on the radio and becomes instantly attracted to him. She manages to meet him, bursting out of her lonely shell--and into the attentive gaze of the intangible man who becomes all too real....From the Paperback edition.

Slipping Into Darkness

by Peter Blauner

It has been two decades since Detective Francis X. Loughlin solved his first big case, the brutal murder of a woman doctor. The young man convicted of the killing, Julian Vega, is back on the streets now, released on a technicality after years of appeals. Not long after his release, another murder takes place, one so similar to that long-ago case that Julian is the first suspect in Detective Loughlins sights. However, the DNA evidence that is now a routine part of policework points in an impossible direction. If the evidence is correct, Loughlin has to rethink decades of certaintyand Julian may be the only person alive who can help him make it through this case. With his laser-sharp vision for motives and secrets of human nature, Peter Blauner has crafted a crime story of the highest order, in which the ending is an unguessable shock and the characters are unforgettably real. Blauner is at the top of his form in this chilling tour de force, a novel that will keep readers guessing until the very last page.


by Alan Dean Foster

Something strange is happening down at the chemical dum ...<P> Old Jake Pickett is a strange one. He can turn bullets to dust or collapse skyscrapers with his mind. But all he really wants to do with his 'magic' is entertain the poor kids who live, like him, near the chemical dump. Or talk telepathically with his crippled niece, Amanda.<P> Then an international conglomerate decides that the only way to cover up their mess is to eliminate the people who have been affected -- for better or worse -- by the seeping industrial wastes.<P> Now Jake and Amanda are running for their lives. And ours.


by Ira Levin

A chilling psychological thriller that explores the menacing evil behind the glittering facades of Manhattan's skyscrapers<P> Kay Norris, a successful and lovely book editor, moves into the posh Carnegie Hall district of Manhattan, into an apartment in a slender high-rise. A man watches her. He watches her unpack, watches her make her bed. He owns the building: a shocking secret is concealed within its brick and concrete.<P> Sliver is a sinuous erotic thriller, a hypnotic story of obsession, suspense, and stunning surprises. It is a novel about the ultimate power, and the temptations the use of that power brings.

A Sliver of Glass

by Anne Mazer

The eleven tales in this haunting collection emphasize the uncanny occurrences of the paranormal world. In the title story, a sliver of glass embedded in a young girl's eye causes her to turn to ice from the inside out.

A Sliver of Glass and Other Uncommon Tales

by Anne Mazer

The eleven tales in this haunting collection emphasize the uncanny occurrences of the paranormal world. In the title story, a sliver of glass embedded in a young girl's eye causes her to turn to ice from the inside out.

A Sliver of Light

by Sarah Shourd Joshua Fattal Shane Bauer

Three young Americans captured by Iranian forces and held in captivity for two years tell their story. In summer 2009, Shane Bauer, Joshua Fattal, and Sarah Shourd were hiking in Iraqi Kurdistan when they unknowingly crossed into Iran and were captured by a border patrol. Accused of espionage, the three Americans ultimately found themselves in Tehran's infamous Evin Prison, where they discovered that pooling their strength of will and relying on each other were the only ways they could survive. In this poignant memoir, "the hikers" finally tell their side of the story. They recount the deception that lured them into Iran in the first place and describe the psychological torment of interrogation and solitary confinement. We follow them as they make surprising alliances with their fellow prisoners and even some of their captors, while their own bonds with each other are tested and deepened. Told through a bold and innovative interweaving of the authors' three voices, here is a rare glimpse inside Iran and a timeless portrayal of hardship and hope.

Slo Mo! My Untrue Story

by Rick Reilly

Shunned by his shorter peers, "Slo Mo" spends lonely days at the cult compost heap tossing a basketball through a wire hoop. He never misses. Through no fault of his own, he's discovered by the NBA and becomes the hottest sports icon in the country. This is his story, told, like all jock autobiographies, in his own words. As this dead-on parody of big-time sports unfolds, "Slo Mo" gradually learns how a famous athlete is supposed to behave. Kind, truthful, polite, and self-effacing, at first Slo Mo is baffled by the attentions of Jacquanda "Jinx" Silver, the groupie with the world's worst condoms, and by the antics of teammates like Kinity "Death" Dedman, whose attempt at becoming the most outrageous and marketable NBA player is thwarted by the tattooist who thought "Ozzie" meant "Ozzie Nelson," not "Ozzy Osbourne." When the veterans on the team pull the old steal-the-uniform gag, Slo Mo warms up in the janitor's uniform left in its place, setting off a fashion craze on the streets. Eventually, surrounded by an obligatory entourage of people he doesn't know, enticed into endorsing products he doesn't use, Slo Mo begins to lose his innocence, then his patented thirty-foot hook shot. Nothing is sacred in this brilliant send-up of all that annoys in pro sports. Rick Reilly takes on shoe company vultures, egomaniacal athletes, Zen-spouting coaches, rapacious and corrupt recruiters, dumb-slob sportswriters, sleazeball agents, and mindless fans. Reilly shows again why he is the funniest, and best, sportswriter in America.

Sloane Sisters (Sloane Sisters #1)

by Anna Carey

Style. Sabotage. Sisterhood. When Cate and Andie Sloane's Upper East Side dad met Stella and Lola Childs's British-model mom, nobody thought a transatlantic relationship would last. But then their parents drop the M-bomb--marriage--and it looks like Cate, Andie, Stella, and Lola are going to be one big happy family. Well, big anyway. Meet: Cate Sloane: She dominates the ninth grade at exclusive Ashton Prep. Tantrum-prone and competitive, Cate would rather wear Laura Ashley every day than be second best at anything. Luckily there's not a rival in sight. Yet. Andie Sloane: Twelve-year-old Andie desperately wants to walk the runway. Her face is flawless, and boys flock to her like love-struck sheep. There's just one leetle problem: She's only 4' 11". But with a new supermodel stepmom, she'll be voguing in no time. Right? Stella Childs: With her take-charge attitude and a closet full of supermodel swag, Stella was the It Girl at her London middle school. She's determined to rule Ashton Prep--even if that means dethroning the current queen bee. Can you say British Invasion? Lola Childs: London boys called gawky Lola "Sticks," but she's got a new mission in Manhattan: boyfriend or bust! With the help of her boy-magnet stepsister, Lola sets her sights on supercute Kyle Lewis. Too bad Kyle's only got eyes for . . . Andie.

Slocum 323: Slocum and the Mojave Guns

by Jake Logan

Transporting a precious stash of silver bars over the sun-ravaged trails of Death Valley is asking for trouble. And with a gang of cutthroat robbers called the Mojave Guns lying in wait, it's a job fit for only one man--John Slocum.

Slocum 334: Slocum at Hangdog

by Jake Logan

Slocum reckons he won't find anything but trouble in a town called Hangdog. And he's right on the money- the place is infested with more fleas than a mangy cur, and Slocum's just itching to pull the trigger on 'em.

Slocum 335: Slocum and the Tonto Basin War

by Jake Logan

After Slocum saves a family from Apaches, he finds himself pulled into a range war where the only place left to hide is six feet under.

Slocum 336: Slocum and Hot Lead

by Jake Logan

Slocum's been mistaken for an outlaw named Neale and must find his so-called double before he gets invited to a necktie party

Slocum 337: Slocum and the Vengeful Widow

by Jake Logan

Wink Trent's husband and son were murdered when a gang of outlaws led by Colonel Charles Bowdry rode hell bent for leather into a Kansas town and robbed the bank. Now, the young widow wants the bandits to pay for their crimes-and wants Slocum to help her track them down. <P><P> Realizing Wink is going to hunt for Bowdry's ruthless gang whether he accompanies her or not, Slocum reluctantly agrees to join the pursuit. But his help is contingent on whether or not her performance on the trail satisfies him...

Slocum 340: Slocum and the City Slickers

by Jake Logan

When Agnes Glitch witnesses a murder by Slick Hannah, she's a marked woman. But when she falls into Slocum's arms, she gets more than just his protection.

Slocum 429

by Jake Logan

THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS While hunting elk in the Colorado Rockies, John Slocum hears a terrible explosion, followed by a frightening rumble. As he rides along the canyon, he comes upon the settlement of Wolf Creek where an avalanche has buried all the town's men. Their widows, meanwhile, look to Slocum for comfort. But the gunslinger has his sights set on one woman in particular. While Lilith isn't a widow, she did lose someone in the accident--a brother with connections to the claim-jumping Batson gang. Now, Slocum has to keep one eye on his gun, and one on the woman sharing his bed... The longest-running Western series in America today, the Slocum adventures by Jake Logan have entertained readers since 1975.

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