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A Christmas Carol

by Michael Paller

Full Length / Characters: 5 male, 2 female, 3 children Scenery: Composite set. This fresh approach to the classic tale faithfully conveys the magic of Dickens. On Christmas Eve in 1843 friends and family gathered at Dickens' home ask him to tell a story, but he refuses to work on Christmas Eve. If there is going to be a story, each must take a part in its telling. And so the story unfolds with the cast of 10 playing over 40 parts. "Done with respect and ingenuity. Deserves to be seen." Cleveland Free Press. "A treat ... for the whole family to enjoy." Cleveland Sunday Press.

A Christmas Carol

by Mark Peppe Mary Kate Mcdevitt Charles Dickens

A timeless holiday classic with stunning, colorful chalk art cover illustration. Puffin Chalk--collect them all! Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean old man with no friends or family to love him--hes just so miserable and bitter! One freezing cold Christmas Eve, Marley's Ghost pays Scrooge a visit and an eerie night-time journey begins. The Christmas spirits are here to show Scrooge the error if his nasty ways. By visiting his past, present and future, will Scrooge learn to love Christmas and the others around him?

A Christmas Carol (Adapted)

by Charles Dickens Emily Hutchinson

Adapted from the classic by Emily Hutchinson. This 88-page book includes described drawings and an 8-page study guide at the end.

A Christmas Carol (Adapted and Abridged)

by Charles Dickens Prescott Hill

Ebenezer Scrooge doesn't like Christmas or any other festivities but one Christmas Eve he gets a visit from ghosts who convince him otherwise.

A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Stories

by Charles Dickens

The classic tale of the spirit of Christmas comes to life in this wonderful edition of the story of grumpy Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghosts that visit him to show him the error of his ways. As the clock chimes, will Scrooge learn the true meaning of Christmas before it's too late late? About the Series: Oxford Children's Classics bring together the most unforgettable stories ever told. Complete and unabridged text allows children to discover the stories as they were meant to be read. Produced in beautifully designed hardback editions, the collection features well-loved classic stories readers will treasure and return to again and again.

A Christmas Carol: And Other Christmas Stories With A New Afterword

by Frederick Busch Charles Dickens

A timeless collection no miser should be without. Every Christmas season, this heartwarming tale stirs in us the feelings of forgiveness and repentance that transform Scrooge from miser--"Bah, humbug!"--to merrymaker. Dickens's other Christmas stories in this collection also evoke both the tragedy of those who lack the Yuletide spirit and the joy of those who raise a wassail cup to goodwill toward men.

A Christmas Carol and Other Stories

by John Irving Charles Dickens

An immediate bestseller when it was first published in December 1843, A Christmas Carol has endured ever since as a perennial Yuletide favorite. Charles Dickens's beloved tale about the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge, who comes to know the meaning of kindness, charity, and goodwill through a haunting Christmas Eve encounter with four ghosts, is a heartwarming celebration of the spirit of Christmas. This Modern Library Paperback Classics edition also includes two other popular Christmas stories by Dickens: "The Chimes," in which a man, persuaded by hypocritical cant that the poor deserve their misery, is shown what his pessimistic resignation might lead to in a vision conjured by the pealing of bells, and "The Haunted Man," Dickens's last Christmas tale, which features one of his great comic families, the Tetterbys.

A Christmas Carol: Pop-Up Book

by Charles Dickens

A very short children's version of the Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.

The Christmas Carol Trivia Book: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Every Version of the Dickens Classic

by Paul Sammon

The "Christmas Carol" Trivia Book includes background information plus scores of questions relating to nearly every movie and television adaptation ever made of the immortal Charles Dickens classic. The book includes a short biography of Charles Dickens and many still photos from film and made-for-TV versions of the old tale. Versions are rated according to the author's personal preferences: The Best Version, The Funniest Version, The Best Musical Version, The Best Animated Version, The Worst Version. A list at the back gives some sources for videotapes of the different versions.

A Christmas Carol with Related Readings

by McGraw-Hill-Glencoe Staff

Contains: A Christmas Carol My Father as I Recall Him memoir A Ghostly Game of Puckeen folk tale Dolores Huerta--American Farm Labor Leader biography If There Be Sorrow poem The Stone short story

A Christmas Caroline

by Kyle Smith

Every day is like Christmas for Caroline, a young blond editor at Presents, the shopping magazine. Every day brings more free Guccis and Pradas for her magazine and her closet. But the actual Christmas is a drag: everyone gets presents. And Caroline is feeling the loss of her mysterious father more than ever. Her fabulous designer mother is in dumpy Branson, Missouri, her redheaded assistant Ursula Heep is scheming behind her back, that creepy receptionist Mrs. Defarge won't stop with the knitting, and a 6' 7" football player named Tiny Tim is obsessed with her. On Christmas Eve, the ghost of Caroline's dead roommate, Carly, returns to warn that three more spirits are coming. Caroline begins a trip to Christmases past, present, and future, but though she has nine closets, she doesn't have a thing to wear. Performed by Nanette Savard

Christmas Carols

by Daisy Banks

One man's courage and one widow's beautiful voice lead an unlikely pair on a tender journey toward happiness. You'll love Christmas Carols by Daisy Banks, a charming Victorian tale about taking chances and learning to love again.Stephen Grafton, the blind organist at Holy Trinity Church, is gaining a reputation for his fine playing and compositions. Alice Broadbrace's initial venture back into society after years in deep mourning brings her to the notice of the talented organist, and he offers her the opportunity to sing a solo carol to his accompaniment. His courage convinces her to find her own, while her charm entices him into thoughts of romance. A difficult walk in a snow storm is only the beginning of Stephen and Alice's journey to happiness. Enjoy this sweet Victorian tale of talent and love blossoming.Content Notes: Sweet

The Christmas Cat

by Isabelle Holland

[from the back cover] "An Inspiring Story of the First Christmas! Here is a stirring tale about a very special cat, his animal friends, and the hard road they follow to the palace of a newborn king. The road is long, with want and danger all along the way, and the palace, when they get there, is no more than a rude stable. But the infant king is the King of Kings, and the animals are amply rewarded for their courage, loyalty, and faith. Award-winning author Isabelle Holland has created a Christmas classic in this timeless story that families will want to share year after year. Kathy Mitchell's richly detailed pictures transport the reader back to Bible times and warmly express the true meaning of Christmas." Some pictures have been described.

The Christmas Child

by Diana Hamilton

James Carter's proposal of marriage was a surprise to Matilda Trent. Nevertheless, Mattie loved James, and she accepted-intending to prove she could be more to him than just a convenient wife. The result was unexpected-a baby due at Christmas! But before Mattie could tell James she was expecting, she discovered something that forced her to keep her joyful news a secret. . . ;.

The Christmas Child

by Linda Goodnight

In Redemption, Oklahoma, a young boy is found huddled in a Dumpster, clutching a Christmas book. Scared and refusing to speak, he captures undercover agent Kade McKendrick's guarded heart. Kade brings the child home until he can track down his family-and his story. All Kade has is a name, Davey, and the boy's trust of sweet, pretty teacher Sophie Bartholomew. With her kindness and faith, Sophie helps both the boy and the battle-scarred cop to smile again. And as they uncover the mystery of a very special child, a family is formed-just in time for Christmas.

The Christmas Child

by Max Lucado

A Chicago journalist finds himself in a small Texas town on Christmas eve. Lonely and alone, he encounters old faces and new facts...a hand carved manger, a father's guilt, a young girl's faith. The trip into the past holds his key to the future, and a scarlet cross shows him the way home. This Christmas treasure, formerly titled The Christmas Cross now repackaged and redesigned, is quickly becoming a Christmas classic. The book takes place in three different settings with four main characters. The film has expanded to include nearly 69 locations, 347 set-ups, 34 speaking parts and over 300 extras.The Christmas Child is directed by Bill Ewing, the former Senior Vice-President of Sony Pictures, whose last films included Men in Black II and Spiderman. The film is produced by Tom Newman of Impact Productions and Penelope Foster, producer of Free Willy, Rosewood and many more.The main character, Jack, is played by William Moses (of Perry Mason and Falcon's Crest). His wife, Meg, is played Megan Follows (of Anne of Green Gables). Also features Steven Curtis Chapman as the town's minister.

The Christmas Child: A Story about Finding Your Way Home for the Holidays

by Max Lucado

A Chicago journalist finds himself in a small Texas town on Christmas Eve. Lonely and alone, he encounters old faces and new facts...a hand carved manger, a father's guilt, a young girl's faith. The trip into the past holds his key to the future, and a scarlet cross shows him the way home. This Christmas treasure, formerly titled The Christmas Cross, is quickly becoming a Christmas classic. With more than 94,000 sold since its original release, this story was also a popular television movie for Christmas 2004. The new jacketed hardcover novella format makes this the perfect companion to An Angel's Story, Max Lucado's other popular Christmas novella from WestBow Press.

The Christmas Children

by Irene Brand

The town of Yuletide, New York, no longer celebrates Christmas due to a tragic mistake in the past. Carissa Whitmore is determined to restore the love of the holiday in Yuletide, and agrees to help Paul Spencer care for three orphaned children over the holidays. Original.

Christmas Chocolat

by Kate Defrise

In this warm, engaging debut novel, four siblings make their way home, where their father, the memory of their mother, and long-held family secrets all collide just in time for ChristmasFor Maggie Arnaud and her siblings, childhood Christmases meant lavish feasts and beloved rituals. The day began with hot chocolate and cougnole de Noel--the sweet, rich bread traditional in their parents' native Belgium. Those special holidays ended with their mother's death, and their father has grown more distant each year. But now, he has summoned his grown children once again. And none of them is eager to expose their imperfect lives to his scrutiny...Jacqueline is an opera singer living in Brussels--outwardly successful but yearning for a deeper fulfillment. Near Philadelphia, cookbook writer Maggie's career and marriage are in turmoil. Colette, an aspiring clothing designer in California, lost her boyfriend and her savings in one blow. And roving younger brother Art is still searching for something--or someone. Armed with their insecurities, rivalries--and their mother's most delicious recipes--the Arnauds gather in Pennsylvania. But a good meal does more than feed the body--it awakens memories, nurtures bonds, and might even bring a family back together.Includes classic Belgian recipes

The Christmas Chronicles

by Tim Slover

Just in time for the holidays comes a heartwarming and irresistible Christmas story---the true and complete history of Santa Claus---sure to delight fans of Richard Paul Evans and inspire people of all ages looking for a little holiday spirit.

Christmas Clash

by Dana Volney

For the first time in her life, Candace Ellison is determined to stand on her own two feet. When the city council's new convention center project threatens to demolish her new flower shop, Kiss from a Rose, she vows to win the fight without help from her wealthy and well-connected family.But to keep her doors open, she'll have to turn to an even unlikelier source--Luke Carrigan. Problem is she hasn't been able to get along with the guy since that fateful day they met . . . back in kindergarten.There's more than building blocks and coloring books on the line now though. Luke's recently inherited his family pub, and isn't about to let the city put a wrecking ball through years of memories and tradition. This is his chance to show his family he can be more than just the fun-loving, favored son . . . except Luke's not exactly singing "Jingle Bells" at having to strategize with spoiled Candace.The only hope they have is in finding some common ground. Will this Christmas bring miracles or the destruction of everything these old rivals love?Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

Christmas Classics Cookbook

by Gooseberry Patch

Recipes for a very merry Christmas! We've gathered all the recipes you'll want for the most scrumptious holiday ever! Celebration Cheese Ball, Pizza Nibblers and punch cups of Winter Wassail will be eagerly welcomed at a festive gathering.

The Christmas Clock (Dreyerville, Michigan #1)

by Kat Martin

Sylvia Winters just found a job and an apartment in her hometown of Dreyerville, Michigan, but she is hesitant to return. Eight years ago, she jilted her fiancé, Joe Dixon, telling him that she was moving to Chicago because small-town living was not for her. But she was lying. Syl was headed to Chicago to be treated for cervical cancer. Sadly, Joe never knew the real reason she left him. Confused and distraught, he turned to drinking to heal the pain, until he accidentally killed a man and served years in jail. Now Syl and Joe are both back in town, but it will take a miracle to bring them back into each other's arms.Also in town is Lottie Sparks and her grandson, Teddy. Ever since Lottie's daughter was killed in a drunk-driving accident, Lottie's been in charge of Teddy. He appreciates her love more than she knows, so much so that the industrious eight-year-old hits up Joe's auto body shop, so he can save enough money by Christmas to buy his grandmother a Victorian clock she adores-one that vividly reminds her of her childhood, even as the rest of her memories are slipping away with the onset of advanced Alzheimer's.As spring turns to summer and summer to fall, matters in the Sparks' household take a turn for the worse. And with winter approaching, will a little hope and a big dose of Christmas magic be enough to make everything all right again?

The Christmas Clue

by Delores Fossen

This Christmas he'd have to play Santa in disguiseFederal agent Matt Christensen hadn't planned on spending Christmas Eve dodging bullets. He hadn't planned on fatherhood, either. But when he discovered he had a daughter, Matt vowed he'd do anything to find her--including cozying up to a beautiful murder suspect with dangerous connections. To get inside the isolated West Texas compound of a known criminal, Matt needed Cassandra Harrison's contacts. But could he ignore the other needs Cass brought to mind? She was vulnerable and soft. . . almost innocent. With an arsenal of gunmen intent on crushing his Christmas mission, he'd have to protect them both if they wanted to survive the cold, cold night and bring his baby home for the holidays.

The Christmas Coat

by Clyde Robert Bulla

Two brothers who squabble all the time cause their mother great despair, until a common purpose unites them in working unselfishly together--enabling them to give their mother her dearest wish for Christmas.

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