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Flying Black Ponies

by Kit Lavell

The tragic, the comic, the terrifying, the poignant are all part of the story of the Black Pony pilots who distinguished themselves in the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War. Flying their turboprop Broncos down and dirty, low and slow, they killed more of the enemy and saved more allied lives with close-air support than all the other naval squadrons combined during the three years they saw action. Author Kit Lavell was part of this squadron of black sheep given a chance to make something of themselves flying these dangerous missions. The U.S. Navy's only land-based attack squadron, Light Attack Squadron Four (VAL-4) flew support missions for the counter insurgency forces, SEALs, and allied units in borrowed, propeller-driven OV-10s. For fixed-wing aircraft they were dangerous, unorthodox missions, a fact readers quickly come to appreciate.

Flying Blind (Cooper Kids #8)

by Frank E. Peretti

Fourteen-year-old Jay Cooper is enjoying the view from his Uncle Rex's Cessna when a low-flying 757 speeds past them. Caught in its wind turbulence, their small plane is shaken violently, knocking Rex unconscious and leaving Jay blind from a head injury. With fuel running out fast, Jay drifting in and out of consciousness, and the plane heading straight for a mountain range, this high-flying adventure shows the importance of faith as Jay faces numerous unseen dangers.

Flying by the Seat of My Pants: Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer

by Marsha Marks

Take a look at life from behind the beverage cart. "They asked me to be groomed, be kind, and show up on time; it was too much pressure. " "It was like being a waitress, only I was hurtling through space and wound up in Paris. " "I thought it would be funny to climb into the overhead bin. How did I know the President of the United States would be on the flight that day?" Where flight attendant Marsha Marks goes, funny things happen, and she tells them all in this hilarious and insightful chronicle of...

Flying by the Seat of Your Pants

by Harry Oliver

Let's "cut to the chase" and "make no bones about it"-this book will have you "pleased as punch. " Sowing your wild oats, throwing in the towel, painting the town red. . . Harry Oliver reveals the fascinating stories behind these and other strange turns of phrase steeped in the weird and wonderful history and traditions of everyday life. From quirky terms to street and city names and more, this book answers the questions you never thought to ask. ? What ancient empire coined the phrase "green with envy"? ? Who was the first person to "get someone's goat"? ? Which writer first penned, "I'll eat my hat!" .

Flying Carpets

by Hedy Habra

Flying Carpets is a story collection in the grand tradition of Arab storytelling. In it, Habra masterfully waves her writing wand and takes us on a journey as we read about people and places far away and encounter temples and mountain villages, gliding boats and fragrant kitchens, flaming fish and rich tapestries.The stories recover lost, partially forgotten and imaginary spaces, progressing from the concrete to the universal. The first two sections move between Egypt and Lebanon with a touch of magic realism. In the second half of the collection, the characters become less rooted in time and space as the dreamlike elements intensify. Throughout the book, storytelling and fortunetelling evoke a mythical past that is at the same time lost yet alive: love, loss, the yearning for alternate worlds, and the need to reinvent oneself through art permeate its pages.

The Flying Cavalier (House of Winslow, #23)

by Gilbert Morris

When his wife is killed during German bombardment, RAF pilot Lance Winslow vows revenge. Logan Winslow from America comes with his friend, Revelation Brown to fight in World War I.

The Flying Circus

by Susan Crandall

From the bestselling and award-winning author of Whistling Past the Graveyard comes an adventure tale about two daredevils and a farm boy who embark on the journey of a lifetime across America's heartland in the Roaring Twenties.Set in the rapidly changing world of 1920s America, this is a story of three people from very different backgrounds: Henry "Schuler" Jefferson, son of German immigrants from Midwestern farm country; Cora Rose Haviland, a young woman of privilege whose family has lost their fortune; and Charles "Gil" Gilchrist, an emotionally damaged WWI veteran pilot. Set adrift by life-altering circumstances, they find themselves bound together by need and torn apart by blind obsessions and conflicting goals. Each one holds a secret that, if exposed, would destroy their friendship. But their journey of adventure and self-discovery has a price--and one of them won't be able to survive it. As they crisscross the heartland, exploring the rapidly expanding role of aviation from barnstorming to bootlegging, from a flying circus to the dangerous sport of air racing, the three companions form a makeshift family. It's a one-of-a-kind family, with members as adventurous as they are vulnerable, and as fascinating as they are flawed. But whatever adventure--worldly or private--they find themselves on, they're guaranteed to be a family you won't forget.

The Flying Classroom

by Anthea Bell Erich Kästner

Martin's school is no ordinary school. There are snowball fights, kidnappings, cakes, a parachute jump, a mysterious man called 'No-Smoking' who lives in a railway carriage and a play about a flying classroom. As the Christmas holidays draw near, Martin and his friends - nervous Uli, cynical Sebastian, Johnny, who was rescued by a sea captain, and Matthias, who is always hungry (particularly after a meal) - are preparing for the end of term festivities. But there are surprises, sadness and trouble on the way - and a secret that changes everything. The Flying Classroom is a magical, thrilling and bittersweet story about friendship, fun and being brave when you are at your most scared. (It also features a calf called Eduard, but you will have to read it to find out why).

Flying Colours (The Hornblower Saga, Book 3)

by C. S. Forester

In Flying Colors, Captain Horatio Hornblower finds himself captured by the French and ordered executed by Napoleon Bonaparte himself. The unflappable Hornblower however plans a daring escape with the help of Lieutenant Bush and French Royalists.

Flying Dinosaurs

by John Pickrell

Recent fossil discoveries prove dinosaurs didn't die out after al--instead, they turned into birds, opening up thrilling new possibilities in our knowledge of the prehistoric world.

Flying Dinosaurs: How Fearsome Reptiles Became Birds

by John Pickrell

Recent fossil discoveries prove dinosaurs didn't die out after al--instead, they turned into birds, opening up thrilling new possibilities in our knowledge of the prehistoric world.

Flying Eagle

by Tim Champlin

Jay McGraw's job might not have been too exciting, but it was a steady one. He was a messenger for Wells Fargo, and guarding its famous treasure box was his responsibility. It was a fairly routine business but one day trouble came his way. Not long into the run between San Francisco and Chicago, masked bandits blew up a key bridge on the trail. Jay knew right away what they were after. If the bandits had their way, Wells Fargo would lose its shipment and Jay would lose his job. He wasn't about to let that happen, but escaping from heavily armed, very persistent robbers didn't seem possible. Even an unplanned detour into the heart of a Wyoming range war couldn't help. It was starting to look like no spot was too remote for the bandits to find their prey. But, as the riders would soon find out, Jay wouldn't give up without a fight.

Flying Fear Free

by Sandra M. Pollino

Air travel sends all sorts of seemingly well adjusted peopled into panics. Will the plane catch fire? Will there be a terrorist strike? Will the pilot have a heart attack and the plane go down? Will the plane run out of fuel because of bad weather? Or as in recent headlines, will parts fly off the plane and will the air traffic controller be asleep? You are not alone. Approximately twenty-five million people in the U.S. and millions more worldwide feel anxiety about flying. Sandra M. Pollino, M.S. Ed., Psy.D, has helped thousands overcome their fear of flying utilizing her unique background as a counselor/psychotherapist, nurse and former flight attendant to provide an encompassing approach to conquering the fears and to successfully fly fear free once and for all. Flying Fear Free: 7 Steps to Relieving Air Travel Anxiety begins by explaining the causes of the fear of flying and defining the associated phobias (claustrophobia, aerophobia), then it gives proven solutions, the benefits of aromatherapy and color therapy, effective exercises and checklists to help relieve the stress and simple relaxation techniques, fun exercises and other effective methods to incorporate to fly more comfortably and fear free.

Flying Feet

by Patricia Reilly Giff Alasdair Bright

When Charlie hears that special buzz in his head, he knows it means one thing: an idea for a new invention. But Charlie's ideas tend to backfire--such as the flying feet that don't really fly. If only Charlie could make his inventions work, people might think he's as special as his older brother, Larry. Then the Zigzag afternoon center organizes a Come as a Character Day, and Charlie gets his chance to shine. (From the Hardcover edition.)

Flying Feet

by James Mccann

After losing yet another tae kwon do tournament, Jinho gives in to his anger and breaks his opponent's fingers. While this gets him barred from competing at his dojang, it also gets him scouted by Austin, a trainer for an underground mixed martial arts club. At first the prospect of fighting without boundaries appeals to Jinho, but the more involved he gets, the more disturbing he finds it and the harder it is to find a way out. Unlike legal MMA, which has rules and regulations, underground MMA is a free-for-all: there are no weight classes and no referees to stop the fight should it go too far. When Jinho is set up to fight a boy known as The Ripper, he realizes that he doesn't belong in this world, but the only thing that can save him is the ancient code of tae kwon do.

Flying Feet: A Mud Flat Story

by James Stevenson

What's that noise? Is it a bunch of giant woodpeckers? No, it's the amazing tap-dance team of Tonya and Ted, who've come to Mud Flat to produce a big dance extravaganza. And now that they've soft-shoed their way into town, all the residents are eager to fork over plenty for tap-dance lessons. How else will they become stars?

Flying Finish

by Dick Francis

Lord Henry Grey had a bad disposition. Or so his sister, his co-workers, and just about everyone else said. But Henry knew a new job was all he needed. His present career as an office worker and part-time amateur jockey would never do. So he took a new job--air transport of racehorses--which would let him see the world, and maybe change his luck. His luck changed all right--when he discovers that he's actually transporting something altogether different--and has to call upon every ounce of resourcefulness he has to land with his life intact.

The Flying Flea, Callie, and Me

by Bill Wallace Carol Wallace

"The house people had picked me out of my litter to be a mouser. Callie was getting too old for the job. So it was mine. But I didn't plan on getting dive-bombed by a mockingbird building her nest... or adopting the baby who fell out. No joke! I'm a cat, but I do not eat birds. Mice, yes. Birds, no. Flea--that's what I named her-- couldn't even fly. She was so scared when she toppled onto my head that she said, 'Eat me... it's quicker than starving to death.' She was pathetic. I had to help her. The first step was protecting Flea-- and me-- from the monster rats in the barn (that's saying a mouthful!) and Bullsnake under the woodpile. Next, Callie and I had to teach Flea to fly. After all, how could she stay up North with us when her bird family was flying to Florida. I'm not a Florida kind of cat. It's just too hot for us furry types. I know I'll miss my Flea. But she'll come back-- after she's seen the world!"

Flying Fox Bats (Bats)

by Pamela J. Gerholdt

From the Book jacket: Bats are mammals, like dogs, cats, and horses. Learn how to entity the many different types of bats. Enter their mysterious world and find out where they live. Discover the amazing way they "see" in the dark, and how they find food. Books in this series include: dog-faced bats fisherman bats flying Fox bats spear-nosed bats vampire bats wrinkle-faced bats

Flying Foxes and Other Bats (World Book's Animals of the World)

by Sheri Reda

From the book: * Some scientists think that flying foxes and other fruit bats are more closely related to primates (such mammals as humans and apes) than they are to other bats. * Bats groom themselves as cats do. Bats frequently wash their faces and then fluff up their fur. * A newborn bat may weigh nearly half as much as its mother. * Rousette fruit bats echolocate differently than do most bats. Instead of making high pitched squeaks and clicks in their voice boxes, they click and clack with their tongues. *According to the fossil record, bats have looked almost the same for the past 50 million years. * Scientists have proved that bats have been roosting in Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico for 17,000 years.

Flying Free: Corey's Underground Railroad Diary, Book 2 (My America)

by Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Corey and his family have escaped from slavery and the South and are now living in Canada. They own their own land, have made new friends, and Corey gets to go to school. But danger still remains across the river in Ohio, where slave-catchers lurk, waiting to capture escaped slaves to bring them back to their former masters.

Flying High

by Alison Tyler Rachel Kramer Bussel

This red-hot guide to getting it on at 30,000 feet will have readers racing to the ticket counter so they too can be Flying High. Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel presents scintillating stories of one-flight-stand seductions by strangers, frisky flight attendants, pent-up pilots, an exhibitionist screen star who's hot to trot, a female flying instructor who takes two male students under her wing, and a couple who take advantage of the latest in-flight technology. Featuring arousing new works by Alison Tyler, Thomas, S. Roche, Elizabeth Coldwell, and many more, Flying High is sure to make anyone a frequent flyer!

Flying Home [On Level, Grade 5]

by Marie Langley Victor Kennedy

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Flying Lessons

by Peggy Webb

If this is Beth Holt Martin's life, she wants a refund.It's true. At fifty-three, all Beth's got is a sex-starved marriage to Howard the psychiatrist, an (almost) empty nest and a suitcase full of long-forgotten dreams of becoming...well, something more.Beth doesn't look like the kind of woman who would run away from home, but to heck with reason. If logic were motor oil, she'd be three quarts low. Besides, only one question really counts: Can love survive being stuck in a zipper? Maybe it's time to spread her wings (for everyone's sake), cross her fingers...and see where the open road to acceptance and hope will lead.

Flying Lessons: On the Wings of Parkinson's Disease

by Joan Grady-Fitchett

The book is about a woman, Grady-Fitchett, who is suffering from Parkinson's disease and fighting against it. Her passion to be independent has been clearly described in this book.

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