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The Knight's Conquest

by Juliet Landon

Proud and beautiful, she would be no man's prize!To the victor the spoils...Offered as the delectable prize at a jousting tournament by the King, the proud and beautiful Lady Eloise Gerrard is far from gaining the freedom to command her own destiny that she so ardently desires. Shocked to discover the King has every intention of winning the prize for himself, Eloise turns in desperation to the challenger. Sir Owain of Whitecliffe had once awoken all her youthful passions...and then heartlessly deserted her. Can she truly now wish to see him the victor-the conqueror laying claim to his prize?

Knight's Cross: A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

by David Fraser

A meticulously researched chronicle which details the life and character of a complex warrior. Rommel's integrity and skills were such that he enjoyed a popularity in Germany that rivaled Hitler's (even though he was not a member of the Nazi Party), and he earned the respect and admiration of his enemies, including Churchill. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Knight's Curse

by Karen Duvall

A skilled knife fighter since the age of nine, Chalice knows what it's like to live life on the edge-precariously balanced between the dark and the light. But the time has come to choose. The evil sorcerer who kidnapped her over a decade ago requires her superhuman senses to steal a precious magical artifact...or she must suffer the consequences.Desperate to break the curse that enslaves her, Chalice agrees. But it is only with the help of Aydin-her noble warrior-protector-that she will risk venturing beyond the veil to discover the origins of her power. Only for him will she dare to fully embrace her awesome talents. For a deadly duel is at hand, and Chalice alone will have to decide between freedom...and the love of her life.

Knights Divided

by Suzanne Barclay

Though Emmeline Spencer captured Jamie Harcourt as her prisoner, the rogue adventurer stole kisses from her that were sweet beyond her wildest imagining. Yet how could Emma love the man suspected of the murder of her beloved sister?Heir to the Sommerville legacy of bravery, Jamie Harcourt had willingly entered a maze of intrigue knowing full well there was little hope of escape. Though he hadn't counted on the interference-or the inspiration-of the Lady Emmeline.

Knight's Fee

by Rosemary Sutcliff

When Randall drops a fig on the new Lord's horse, his life changes forever.

The Knight's Fugitive Lady

by Meriel Fuller

Dancing with danger... Runaway lady Katerina of Dauntsey has disguised herself among a traveling dance troupe-concealing her secrets beneath an elaborate mask. But when her dazzling act attracts the attention of Queen Isabella, Katerina's past begins to catch up with her. Lussac de Belbigny can't help but admire the flame-haired acrobat's courage. A knight in the Queen's rebel army-and consumed by thoughts of revenge on his family's killers-Lussac will let nothing threaten his iron-clad self-control. Yet something about the mysterious Katerina touches his damaged heart....

The Knights of Christmas

by Margaret Moore Deborah Simmons Suzanne Barclay

Three of our award-winning authors have joined forces to bring you this encanting collection of timeless storiesSuzanne BarclayKara's Gift-A pagan healer falls in love with the Christian knight who is destined to save her dying clanMargaret MooreThe Twelfth Day of Christmas-A charming nobleman has twelve days to win the love of his intended brideDeborah SimmonsA Wish for Noel-An orphan's Christmas wish comes true when she conquers the heart of her world-weary guardianDon't miss these magical tales of miracles and merriment!

The Knights of Silversnow (Secrets of Droon #16)

by Tony Abbott

Snow in the summer! Eric, Neal and Julie are headed back to Droon to fix the mess they made with the Wand of Urik. In a hidden castle there, they must wake Droon's last hope against evil Lord Sparr, the famous Knights of Silversnow.

Knights of the Air (The Epic of Flight)

by Time-Life Books

"War in the air," trumpeted a poster for Britain's Royal Flying Corps, "recalls the olden times, when knights rode forth to battle and won honor and glory by their deeds of personal heroism." The fledgling military air services of World War 1 had no trouble finding volunteers for a life that promised "romance, action, adventure, and opportunities for glorious achievement."

The Knights of the Cornerstone

by James P. Blaylock

An exquisite novel of fantasy from a "true one-of-a-kind original" (Neil Gaiman). Calvin Bryson has hidden himself away from the world, losing himself in his work and his collection of rare and quirky books. He never meant to let so much time go by without visiting his aunt and uncle in the tiny town of New Cyprus, California. When he gets there, he'll discover the town's strange secrets and a mysterious group dedicated to preserving and protecting holy relics--a modern-day incarnation of the legendary Knights Templar...

Knights of the Crown (Dragonlance: Warriors #1)

by Roland Green

The Knights of Solamnia were the greatest order of chivalry in the history of Krynn. All those who wish to become Solamnic Knights must first enter as squires of the Knights of the Crown, with whom they begin their training in the virtue of loyalty. This is the story of Sir Pirvan the Wayward, whose reluctant and inauspicious beginnings as Pirvan the Spell Thief bore few clues to his potential as a Knight of the Crown. Roland J. Green is the author of the Starcruiser Shennandoa and Wandor series and numerous Conan novels, and is coauthor (with Jerry Pournelle) of the Jannisaries series. The Warriors series details the exploits of the heroes and villains of the War of the Lance.

Knights of the Hill Country

by Tim Tharp

In a small Oklahoma town, one star linebacker must decide what kind of man he wants to be--both on and off the field. Welcome to Kennisaw--where Friday night high school football ranks right up there with God and country, and sometimes even comes in first. This year, the Kennisaw Knights are going for their fifth straight undefeated season, and if they succeed, they'll be more than the best high school team in the eastern Oklahoma hill country--they'll be legends. But the Knights' legacy is a heavy weight to carry for Hampton, linebacker and star of the team. On the field, he's so in control you'd think he was able to stop time. But his life off the field is a different story. His father walked out on him and his mom years ago, and now his mom has a new boyfriend every week. He's drawn to a smart, quirky girl at school--the type a star athlete just isn't supposed to associate with. And meanwhile, his best friend and teammate Blaine--the true friend who first introduced Hampton to football back when he had nothing else--is becoming uncomfortably competitive, and he's demanding Hampton's loyalty even as Hampton thinks he's going too far. This unforgettable novel is the story of a boy whose choices will decide the kind of man he becomes, and raises powerful questions about sportsmanship, loyalty, and the deceptiveness of legends. From the Hardcover edition.

Knights of the Rose (Dragonlance: Warriors #5)

by Roland Green

The Knights of Solamnia were the greatest order of chivalry in the history of Krynn.After a knight has achieved the Order of the Crown and the Order of the Sword, he must then begin his training in the virtues of wisdom and justice in order to achieve the Order of the Rose, the highest of all orders.This is the third tale of Sir Pirvan the Wayward, whose reluctant and inauspicious beginnings bore few clues to his potential as a knight of the highest order. In a time when others of Solamnia had become corrupt and self-serving, Sir Pirvan maintained the dignity of the Order, walking the fine line between personal codes of honor and loyalty, and diplomacy and duty.Roland J. Green is the author of the Starcruiser Shenandoah and Wandor series and numerous Conan novels, and is coauthor (with Jerr Pournelle) of the Jannisaries series.The Warriors series details the exploits of the heroes and villains of the War of the Lance.

Knights of the Sword (Dragonlance: Warriors #3)

by Roland Green

The greatest order of chivalry in the history of Krynn.After a knight has achieved the Order of the Crown, he must then begin his training in the virtues of courage and heroism in order to achieve the Order of the Sword.This is the second tale of Sir Pirvan the Wayward, whose reluctant and inauspicious beginnings bore few clues to his potential as a Knight of the Sword or as a Knight of the Crown, nor as a mentor for another similarly dubious prospect for Krynn's greatest order of chivalry.Roland J. Green is the author of the Starcruiser Shenandoah and Wandor series and numerous Conan novels, and is coauthor (with Jerr Pournelle) of the Jannisaries series.The Warriors series details the exploits of the heroes and villains of the War of the Lance.

Knights of the Tele-Round Table: Insights for every executive--especially those who must manage from afar

by Jaclyn Kostner

A guide for managing virtual groups that uses stories and symbols from Arthurian legends.

A Knight's Own Book of Chivalry

by Richard W. Kaeuper Geoffroi De Charny Elspeth Kennedy

On the great influence of a valiant lord: "The companions, who see that good warriors are honored by the great lords for their prowess, become more determined to attain this level of prowess."On the lady who sees her knight honored: "All of this makes the noble lady rejoice greatly within herself at the fact that she has set her mind and heart on loving and helping to make such a good knight or good man-at-arms."On the worthiest amusements: "The best pastime of all is to be often in good company, far from unworthy men and from unworthy activities from which no good can come."Enter the real world of knights and their code of ethics and behavior. Read how an aspiring knight of the fourteenth century would conduct himself and learn what he would have needed to know when traveling, fighting, appearing in court, and engaging fellow knights.Composed at the height of the Hundred Years War by Geoffroi de Charny, one of the most respected knights of his age, A Knight's Own Book of Chivalry was designed as a guide for members of the Company of the Star, an order created by Jean II of France in 1352 to rival the English Order of the Garter.This is the most authentic and complete manual on the day-to-day life of the knight that has survived the centuries, and this edition contains a specially commissioned introduction from historian Richard W. Kaeuper that gives the history of both the book and its author, who, among his other achievements, was the original owner of the Shroud of Turin.

Knights Prize

by Sarah Mckerrigan

She certainly seems meek and soft-spoken, unlike her warrior sisters. But once the sun goes down, Miriel of Rivenloch becomes "The Shadow," the bold, mysterious renegade who robs the rich to give to the poor. But can she outwit the devil-may-care mercenary Sir Rand la Nuit, who has been hired to unmask The Shadow? Miriel doesn't know Rand's mission-only that his sudden, amorous courtship is hiding something. Rand doesn't know who The Shadow is-only that the lovely woman in his arms heats his blood. Touch by silky touch, kiss by sizzling kiss, the stakes-and their passions-mount. And once Rand and Miriel disrobe in his bedchamber, both can lose everything they live for-including their oh-so-vulnerable hearts.

Knight's Ransom

by Suzanne Barclay

KIDNAPPEDIn a heartbeat, Catherine Sommerville's world had changed, transforming her from a cosseted heiress to a prize held for ransom by a battle-scarred knight. Reason demanded that she despise Gervase St. Juste, but her soul whispered that they had been born beneath the same star....Though murderous blood flowed through her veins, the woman Gervase had stolen was not the coldhearted shrew he had been led to believe. Gentle as a spring rain, Cat brought on a fury of an entirely different sort, raising within him a tempest of forbidden desire....

Knight's Rebellion

by Suzanne Barclay

'Twas Said That The Sommervilles Loved Only OnceYet Alys Sommerville was no heir to this legacy of passion, for the Fates had sent her along a very different road. One that led straight into the arms of Gowain FitzWarren, the leader of a desperate rebel band...Though the highborn Alys was seemingly a bride of the church, Gowain could not fail to note the radiant beauty that her simple garb did nothing to conceal. But he was intent on recovering his birthright, and could scarce afford any distraction, no matter how compelling!

The Knight's Redemption

by Joanne Rock

The Curse Of Spinsterhood Lay Upon HerBut Ariana Glamorgan swore she would dispel the fog that clouded men's minds and be seen as she really was-particularly by Roarke Barret, a knight of great prowess beset by sorrows of his own. For prophecy foretold him as the true destined husband of her heart...!'Twas no matter who Roarke Barret wed, so long as the lady was Welsh. However, secrets made a poor dowry, and in hiding her true identity, Ariana brought lies in abundance to the marriage bed. He'd been deceived...and yet Roarke remained intrigued by this woman who awakened magic in his soul...!

The Knight's Return

by Joanne Rock

In dire need of a protector and escort, Irish princess Sorcha has no choice but to allow mercenary Hugh de Montagne to fulfill the role. Having been duped into marriage, then exiled in disgrace, Sorcha trusts no man. Yet something about the brooding warrior makes her yearn for his touch....At the king's behest, Hugh must thwart Sorcha's enemies at all costs. He has no intention of taking a wife, but every day--and every night--he spends with the flame-haired princess leads him closer to temptation....

Knight's Treasure

by Amanda Scott

Some brides don?t have all the luck. Adela Macleod has been kidnapped, held hostage, (Lady?s Choice) and on the eve of her wedding, watches her ancient husband, Ardelve, collapse during their wedding feast. Seeking escape from all her would-be comforters in the pitch-blackness of a fog-shrouded night, she meets a stranger with a soothing voice who will not even tell her his name.Sir Robert Logan is a serving knight who has long since left his family. No sooner does Rob meet the sorrowful but determined Lady Adela than he finds himself forced to take up his family duties again. Rob inherits his father?s title and estates as the third baron Lestalric. But with rumours flying that the two of them clearly conspired to murder the second baron and his heir, as well as Ardelve, Rob and Adela become partners in the fight against common enemies. And as they work together to discover the truth, Rob and Adela realise that sometimes the best relationships aren?t about luck. Sometimes it?s about love.

The Knight's Vow

by Catherine March

One kiss that changes everything Believing she will never marry, Lady Beatrice has made a dramatic decision--she will take up a convent life. But first she must ask a favor of one of her father's most handsome knights. Wanting to experience, just once, a man's strong arms around her, she has turned to Sir Remy St Leger, intending that they should share a kiss. His startling touch sparks desire deep within her, and all at once Beatrice realises how much more life--and this man--has to give. Remy wants more too. . . But Beatrice cannot decide whether it is folly to refuse Remy, or folly to love him. . .

Knit in Comfort

by Isabel Sharpe

In this wonderful new novel of friendship and knitting, a woman discovers that secrets can't be kept forever. Megan Morgan traded the constant mobility of her childhood for a quiet, stable life in Comfort, North Carolina, with a handsome husband, lively children, and a group of longtime friends who've formed a weekly knitting club, Purls Before Wine. Desperate to escape big-city anonymity and pressure from her marriage-minded boyfriend, a stranger, Elizabeth Detlaff, arrives unexpectedly, certain that fate has guided her to the Carolina mountains. She seems to think that in sleepy, unremarkable Comfort she's found paradise. Soon, Elizabeth has eagerly invaded Megan's life, living in the apartment over her garage, befriending her mother-in-law and children, fawning over her husband, and joining the Purls. It's not long before Elizabeth brings to light legends of Megan's Shetland ancestors, leading her to stumble over a painful, long-buried secret. Backed into a corner, Megan is forced to examine her choices and ultimately decide what kind of woman she wants to be.

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