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Aldwyn's Academy: A Companion Novel to a Practical Guide to Wizardry

by Nathan Meyer

Enter a school for magic where even the first day can be (un)deadly. . . On the very first day of school at the world-famous Aldwyn's Academy for Wizardry, fledgling wizard Dorian Ravensmith finds himself immersed in a mystery. White wolves have been attacking incoming students. Ghosts are haunting the Snapping Dragon Gardens. And the professors lurk in the halls, whispering about a shadowy wizard who seems to be behind it all. That night, Dorian spies a figure creeping into the Snapping Dragon Gardens and and he follows, certain that with the help of a few magic items and simple potions, he can catch the culprit by daybreak and return a hero. But as hobgoblins, banshees, and a terrifying dragon try to stop him at every turn, Dorian discovers that he's stepped into an (un)deadly trap that could not only destroy his future as a wizard but also the beloved wizardry school.

The Alien Sea (Dragonlance Champions #2)

by Lucien Soulban

The great poison of the World Gash spreads through the oceans of Krynn, killing all in its path. Led by Apoletta of the Dargonesti and Utharne of the Dimernesti, the two great aquatic races of sea elves convene a Conclave to address the mysterious, urgent crisis. When undead attack the Conclave, Apoletta and Utharne must unite both their species, brave the storms of the World Gash and confront the ghosts of their past. What they discover will forever change their oceanic world and the fate of their two peoples.The World Gash, a vast volcanic field, is spreading across Krynn's seabed ... and it moves with a mysterious purpose. If something isn't done to stop it, it will poison the oceans and annihilate thousands of species. And once the oceans die, so too will the continents. Apoletta of the Dargonesti and Utharne of the Dimernesti, representing the two principal aquatic races of sea elves, convene a Conclave to address the crisis. When undead attack the Conclave, Apoletta and Utharne decide to lead a joint expedition of their estranged species on a journey to the World Gash to confront the peril. Apoletta and Utharne's mission to save the oceans will introduce them to new species and dire threats-and will bring them into the World Gash's dark heart... face to face with its most terrible secrets, including the ghosts of their own pasts.

Before the Mask (Dragonlance: Villains, Book 1)

by Michael Williams Teri Williams

In the bleak Khalkist Mountains on a stormy winter night, a child is born amid hard words, ill will, and the ominous prophecy of a druidess. Young Verminaard grows up unlovely and unloved, trading friends and family for a dark romance with an evil, mysterious Voice and the sinister weapon it comes to inhabit. Michael and Teri Williams, long known for their poems, novels, and stories in the continuing DRAGONLANCE® saga reveal the origins of the evil cleric Verminaard. The Villains Series explores the corrupted origins of the malevolent minions of Takhisis, Queen of Darkness.

The Best of Tales (Dragonlance)

by Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman

Fantastical monsters and dragons of every hue. Accursed wizards and mysterious villains. Deadly battles and otherworldly spectacle. The untold adventures of the beloved Companions. Here are collected the best short stories of the Dragonlance Tales , unfolding a world of heroism, magic, and fantasy.

Betrayal (Dragonlance: The Dhamon Saga #2)

by Jean Rabe

How much is an act of betrayal worth? Worth the price of a soul? Dhamon Grimwulf and his band of mercenaries greedily eye a long-forgotten treasure concealed beneath a grassy plain. Legends promise riches too numerous to count, wealth too grand to be believed. But in a shifting world of secrets and deception, such fortune comes at a high price, higher even than the searing agony Dhamon suffers under the curse of a dragon's scale. High enough to cost Dhamon his life. The paperback version of the sequel to Downfall, the first book of the Dhamon Saga. Betrayal continues the adventures of characters featured in the USA Today bestselling Dragons of a New Age trilogy.

Brothers Majere (Dragonlance: Preludes #3)

by Kevin Stein

Cats What happened to them? and why has their disappearance sent the city of Mereklar into a panic? A beautiful noblewoman persuades Raistlin, Caramon, and their kender companion, Earwig Lockpicker, to search for the cats. But what starts out as an intriguing mystery turns sinister when the town's leading citizens are murdered ... by what appears to be a gigantic feline! A ball of string, an ancient legend, and three magically glowing lines lead the twins to the truth-and a confrontation with a deadly foe. On the fabled Night of the Eye, Raistlin will supposedly acquire great magical power. He'll need it.

The Cataclysm (Dragonlance Tales II Trilogy #2)

by Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman

The book chronicles a fiery catastrophe that plunges Krynn into centuries of chaos.

The Chaos Curse (Forgotten Realms: The Cleric Quintet #5)

by R. A. Salvatore

Upon his return to the Edificant Library, the young scholar-priest Cadderly finds the life of his companion, Danica, his treasured library, and his own livelihood hanging in the balance as he battles to end the chaos curse forever.

Chosen of the Gods (DragonLance: Kingpriests Trilogy #1)

by Chris Pierson

Istar is the mightiest empire Krynn has ever known. The Kingpriests have reigned in the name of Paladine, the supreme god of good, for centuries. But danger lurks in the empire's heart. The Kingpriest has foreseen his own death, and dark forces converge on the Temple, vying to control the throne.

City of Tthe Lost (Dragonlance: Linsha Trilogy #1)

by Mary H. Herbert

An outpost on the edge of the world; A Knight on the run and in pursuit of the truth; Feuding dragon overlords bent on conquest. An unstoppable army, united by a sinister leader ... and one lonely city caught in the middle of it all.

The Clandestine Circle (DragonLance Crossroads #1)

by Mary H. Herbert

In this first novel of the Dragonlance "Crossroads" series, a young knight working undercover earns a place in the elite bodyguard of the mysterious Lord Governor of the city of Sanction. She quickly learns the governor is not the only one who needs protection.

The Companions (Dragonlance: Meetings #6)

by Tina Daniell

Lost At Sea Caramon, Sturm, and Tasslehoff, on an innocent ship's errand, are blown thousands of miles off course by a magic windstorm and transported to the eastern Bloodsea. Caramon and Sturm are left for dead while Tasslehoff mysteriously turns against his friends. . . . Back in Solace, Raistlin convinces Flint Fireforge and Tanis Half-Elven that they must make a perilous journey to Mithas, the kingdom of the minotaurs. Their task: not only to rescue their friends, but also to defeat the elusive Nightmaster. The Companions brings the cast of the Dragonlance series together for their first adventure. Author Tina Daniell wrote the best-seller Dark Heart.

Dalamar the Dark (Dragonlance)

by Nancy Varian Berberick

Dalamar Argent, the elf, is only a servant in the house of an elvish lord, not worthy of the High Art of Sorcery. As war simmers on the borders of Silvanesti, Dalamar will find a way to become a wizard. His quest will take him along dark paths toward an awesome destiny.

Dark Heart (Dragonlance: Meetings #3)

by Tina Daniell

At long last, the story of the beautiful, dark-hearted Kitiara Uth Matar. This compelling novel tells the story of the birth of her twin brothers, the warrior Caramon and the frail mage Raistlin, and Kit's admirable role in their upbringing. But her youthful mercenary deeds and increasing fascination with evil throw her into the company of a roguish stranger and a band of adventurers whose fates are intermingled with her own. Haunted by the memory of her Solamnic father, she hunts him ceaselessly. Tina Daniell's first novel brings to life this remarkable warrior-woman, whose credo of "the sword is truth" becomes her triumph and downfall.

The Dawning of a New Age (Dragonlance: Dragons of a New Age #1)

by Jean Rabe

The Summer of Chaos has ended. Ansalon's nightmare has only just begun. The gods have departed the world, heralding a new Age of Mortals. But before the dust of war can settle, vast shadows cover the land. Dragons have come to Ansalon, larger and more powerful than any ever seen, and they will wreak havoc on nations still trembling from war. As the lands themselves begin to change under the dire magic of the new dragon overlords, new heroes arise to lead the fight for freedom. The first book in a rerelease of a key trilogy in the Dragonlance saga, this trilogy covers key events that take place between Dragons of Summer Flame and the bestselling War of Souls trilogy. Will all-new artwork and cover designs, these books tie in with The Dhamon Saga.

The Day of the Tempest (Dragonlance: Dragons of a New Age #2)

by Jean Rabe

The Summer of Chaos has ended. Ansalon's nightmare has only just begun. The gods have departed the world, heralding a new Age of Mortals. But before the dust of war can settle, vast shadows cover the land. Dragons have come to Ansalon, larger and more powerful than any ever seen, and they will wreak havoc on nations still trembling from war. As the lands themselves begin to change under the dire magic of the new dragon overlords, new heroes arise to lead the fight for freedom.

Dezra's Quest (Dragonlance Bridges of Time Series #5)

by Chris Pierson

Darken Wood . . . even the name brings dread to humans. But it is home to Ansalon's centaur tribes, where they have dwelt for ages in peace under the Forestmaster's watchful eye. Now, ten years after the Summer of Chaos, strife is tearing the centaurs apart. A mad chieftain seeks to overthrow his enemies, and an even darker presence is changing the forest itself. Trephas, a brave young warrior, sets out for Solace to seek aid against these enemies. He finds more than he bargained for in Caramon Majere, Hero of the Lance, and his spitfire daughter Dezra. Acclaimed Dragonlance author Chris Pierson tells a tale of Ansalon's most mysterious race, the fabled centaurs.

Dissension: Ravnica Cycle · Book III

by Cory J. Herndon

Dissension brings to a close the adventure and further explores the radically new and intriguing area of Magic: The Gathering® first introduced in Ravnica. This novel previews the newest trading card game expansion set to be released in June.From the Paperback edition.

Divine Hammer (DragonLance: Kingpriests Trilogy #2)

by Chris Pierson

Sorcery: A Threat to the Glory of Istar. Twenty years have passed since Beldinas the Kingpriest assumed the throne. His is a realm of unsurpassed grandeur and wealth, a testament to the mightiest age of the empire of Istar. But evil exists in this great realm, threatening the peace and sanctity of the province. Beldinas must turn to his most loyal lieutenant, Cathan, for help. Following Cathan's lead, the Knights of the Divine Hammer strive to extinguish a foul sorcery that will stop at nothing to serve its own dark ends.

The Doom of Kings: Legacy of Dhakaan - Book 1

by Don Bassingthwaite

The return of the shifter Geth! In the wake of the Last War, a new king has risen and seeks to unite the newly formed goblin kingdom of Darguun under his rule. He seeks an ancient scepter, a symbol under which to unite his people and hires Geth, a shifter who owns one of the trio of artifacts to which the scepter once belonged, to find it. But will the artifact do what the Darguul king needs it to?

The Dragon Isles (Dragonlance: Crossroads #4)

by Stephen Sullivan

The Dragon Isles: abandoned home of the good dragons, land of amazing adventure and legendary treasure. The trouble is, no one knows how to get there. Now Mikal Vardan and his crew have found the hidden route, but they're not the only ones interested in the isles. A beautiful sea elf scavenger thinks the wealth of a lost civilization might be worth killing for, and a menacing sea dragon is determined to bring a reign of terror to the peaceful archipelago.

Dragon's Bluff (Dragonlance: Crossroads #3)

by Mary H. Herbert

The port town of Flotsam, always left to handle its own problems, wants no help from the rest of Krynn. But when the young mage Ulin Majere and his companion are summoned to identify a murder victim, they quickly discover more to the rough seaport, including cagey thieves, failing magic, and a very greedy--and deadly--red dragon.

Dragons of Winter Night (Dragonlance: Chronicles Vol. 2)

by Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman

Now the people know that the dragon minions of Takhisis, Queen of Darkness, have returned. The people of all nations prepare to fight to save their homes, their lives, and their freedom. But the races have long been divided by hatred and prejudice. Elven warriors and human knights fight among themselves. It seems the battle has been lost before it begins. The companions are separated, torn apart by war. A full season will pass before they meet again-if they meet again. As the darkness deepens, a disgraced knight, a pampered elfmaiden, and a rattlebrained kender stand alone in the pale winter sunlight. Not much in the way of heroes. Continue the epic saga that has swept up millions of readers and carried them on a journey of imagination!

Emperor of Ansalon (Dragonlance: Villains, Book 3)

by Douglas Niles

Vast armies surge across Krynn, spreading shadows of evil dragonkind over the land. All these horrific forces follow the commands of one man. ... Ariakas, the Emperor of Ansalon. Warrior, priest, nobleman, king ... he attains glory and power by climbing over the bodies of his enemies. And his rise is aided by Takhisis, his mighty mistress. Yet, when the ultimate victory of evil looms, Ariakas must master his own ambitions--or oppose the Dark Queen herself. The Villains Series explores the corrupted origins of the malevolent minions of Takhisis, Queen of Darkness.

The Eve of the Maelstrom (Dragonlance: Dragons of a New Age #3)

by Jean Rabe

The Summer of Chaos swept its devastation across the world of Krynn. In its wake, foul dragon overlords of immeasurable power conquered Ansalon and remade the lands in their own image. But Malystryx, the greatest and most evil of all the dragons, is no longer content with ruling her domain. She wants to ascend to godhood, and only one band of stalwart heroes stands in her way.

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