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The Adventures of Abby Diamond: Out of Sight

by Kristie Smith-Armand

Abby Diamond is an eleven-year-old girl who loves to solve the mysteries that surround her and her three best friends: Neils, Andrea and Alison. Being blind does not stop this girl detective from solving the mysterious cases that happen in her home and at school. Abby is smart, self-reliant and ready to take on any problems that come her way along with her friends a.k.a The Three Musketeers. Neils-- An adorable redhead who is Abby's best friend and a tomboy by heart. If anyone loves a mystery better than Abby it is Neils. Andrea-- A tall striking dark-skinned young girl who has both beauty and brains. Andrea is the leader of The Three Musketeers who never fails to have a successful ending. Alison-- A quiet innocent girl who is the daughter of a famous movie star, Kaitlyn Summers. Although Alison has experienced the lifestyle of the rich and famous, she much prefers to live with her adopted dad, Audie who manages the school cafeteria. Join Abby and her friends while they discovers the mysteries of anonymous Braille notes, a missing parent, a haunted doll, neighborhood break-ins, but most of all, finding the true meaning of happiness in any situation.

The Art and Craft of the Short Story

by Rick Demarinis

"The Art & Craft of the Short Story" explores every key element of short fiction, including: the generation of ideas, story structure and form, creative believable characters, how to begin and where to end. As well as technical aspects such as point of view, plot, description and imagery, and theme; examples from the work of a wide variety are used. The author includes five of his own stories to demonstrate these topics.

Ashlynn's Dreams

by Julie Gilbert

Jillian and her babysitter, Danielle, get kidnapped because she can shape people's dreams. Join Jillian as she learns her Gift, searches for her brother, and fights to free herself and her babysitter.

Aurore of the Yukon: A Girl's Adventure in the Klondike Gold Rush

by Keith Halliday

This is the story of a nine year old girl from Montreal named Aurore Cossinet and her adventure to the Yukon at the height of the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898.

Bengal Tiger and British Lion: An Account of the Bengal Famine of 1943

by Richard Stevenson

This history of the Bengal Famine of 1943 describes the interplay of politics, economics, sociology and military policy, which caused a famine due to a lack of cash, not a lack of food. The Famine, whose story is almost unknown due to wartime censorship by the British, occurred because of a hyperinflation in the price of rice caused by the provisioning for the major offensive against the Japanese on India's eastern borders. Relief efforts were halfhearted because much of the countryside was in a state of endemic revolt against the British. The logistical problems caused by massive gifts of food by the British and Indian troops to the starving people threatened to stall the forthcoming offensive. The cause of the Famine was the deadly alienation between the Bengalis and their British rulers.

A Book Worth Reading

by Wells Draughon

Is there anything that can be said about the value of a novel, story or film other than that one likes it? If such factors were made known, writers could use them to write books that readers would not only like better but would feel are worth reading. Do the techniques in books on writing produce such novels? Are some books good even though we do not like them? Should we force ourselves to like a book because an English professor or a critic insinuates that only people with good taste like that particular book? Do the "arbiters of good taste" have grounds supporting their claims that the books they like are good? What is the body of knowledge on which such expertise would have to depend? Do they have a right to impose their tastes on students and on the public? (148 words. limit - 150 words/200 words)

Breaking Barriers: Working and Loving while Blind

by Peter Altschul

For some unknown reason, Peter Altschul was born totally blind. He grew up in a working-class town where, with the help of his persistent mother, he broke through barrier after barrier, determined to live a full life. After attending a private school that initially turned him away--simply because he was blind--Peter details how he discovered his gift for music, eventually playing percussion in the orchestra, marching band, and jazz ensemble at Princeton University. But it was only after Peter graduated from college that it became evident he would need a guide dog. Heidi, a Weimaraner with a large repertoire of barks, howls, and grunts, would assist Peter for the next eight years through the halls of New England Conservatory, where he eventually obtained a master's degree in music composition. Peter relays how he blazed a unique professional trail while simultaneously overcoming obstacles; managed his uneasy relationship with music; and embraced his unexpected entrance into an unfamiliar and romantic world. He also provides an unforgettable glimpse into the wonderful ways his five guide dogs supported him on his journey from urban bachelorhood to the light of love. Breaking Barriers shares a compelling account of one man's journey through life as he and each of his specially trained dogs learned to trust each other, ultimately melding into a smooth working team that tackled the world-together.

Chasing the Frontier: Scots-Irish in Early America

by Larry Hoefling

From the book's back cover: The story of the Scots-Irish is one of the struggles and achievements of an American immigrant group that existed for only a short period, whose descendants continued to make their marks on the young country for generations. From the North of Ireland to the backwoods of the American frontier, the tale of the Scots-Irish includes a massive exodus to the New World, where they founded communities in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and the Irish Tract of North Carolina during the Revolutionary War era. Containing nearly six thousand names of documented settlers of the primarily Scots-Irish settlements of Virginia and North Carolina, "Chasing The Frontier" includes materials from church records, military records, early wills and deeds, and newspapers of the time. For the frontier families, life was a daily test of endurance and hardship, but the Scots-Irish also found time for horseracing, gambling, and socializing, and the migration of this hardy race and the lure of the frontiers of Kentucky and Tennessee led to the founding of churches and state charters, and elections to some of the highest offices in the country.


by Barbara Wood

Mary McFarland, a seventeen-year-old Catholic in 1963, is pregnant. Although she has a long-time boyfriend in Mike Holland, they both swear they have never had sex. Dr. Jonas Wade has a theory that could explain this phenomenon, but will Mary and her family believe its validity?

Christopher's Journey: A Remarkable Young Man's Struggle with Leukemia

by Maribeth Ditmars

Moving and uplifting,Christopher's Journey: A Remarkable Young Man's Struggle with Leukemia is a memoir of one family's fight with pediatric leukemia. Through journal entries and narrative, author Maribeth Ditmars shares the journey of her son Christopher from his diagnosis in 1997 at the age of ten to his passing in 2001. During the years of Chris's treatments, the family grapples with medical challenges, spiritual issues, financial concerns, and the emotional impact of a devastating illness upon the Ditmars marriage and Chris's siblings. Christopher's Journey displays Chris's unique sense of humor and his undying faith, qualities that remain intact until the very end, when he leads his family in finding their own faith. Those touched by leukemia or other pediatric cancers will find hope and peace in Christopher's Journey. Chris's unique character and unflappable humor showcase the triumph of the human spirit against unbeatable odds.

The Complete Systemic Supervisor: Context, Philosophy, and Pragmatics

by Cheryl L. Storm Thomas C. Todd

Thanks to the input from numerous supervisors representing a wide variety of settings, theoretical models and backgrounds, this has become the definitive text on clinical supervision from a systemic perspective. It contains a wealth of material for beginning and experienced supervisors, regardless of theoretical persuasion. It is suitable as a text on MFT supervision or for a prominent place on the bookshelf of practicing supervisors.

Damn Bunch of Cripples: My Politically Incorrect Education in Disability Awareness

by Lew Shaver

I was sitting in a small upstairs room attempting to write this narrative of my education in disability awareness. For over 30 years I have been involved in working with individuals with disabilities as a coach and administrator on the intercollegiate, national and international levels. When I started this journey, at a small, Midwestern University, I had no idea of what I was getting myself into. Now that I have traveled this educational path I have come to realize that it may have been one of the most important learning experiences of my life, an experience I feel needs to be shared. In putting this narrative together, one very real issue I struggled with was how to deal with the present climate of political correctness. My decision was to tell the stories as I remember them, in the language as I remember. To do differently would change and compromise the actual experience. Thus, this is a sharing of feelings and experiences that a coach and his athletes spent in timeless hours in a gym practicing and competing, of thousands of miles traveled throughout the United States and beyond, and days and nights spent together in laughter and frustration.

Dancing With The Ten Thousand Things: Ways to Become a Powerful Healing Presence

by Tom Balles

This book outlines the journey of waking up through being of service. You will observe two changes taking place: less unnecessary suffering and greater possibilities in the life you share with others. You will learn to consciously tend to life one moment at a time. Tom Balles has gathered his years of study in a variety of traditions and offers them as a gift.

Diamond in the Rough: More Fun Adventures with Abby Diamond

by Kristie Smith-Armand

Abby Diamond, Girl Detective, returns once again with her lovable and popular friends. Abby does not allow her visual impairment to stand in the way of her solving mysteries that surround her and Neils, Alison, Andrea, Jaxson and Glen. In the third novel of the series, "Diamond in the Rough", Abby and her friends meet up with children and adults who are not what they seem to be. Are the new friends in this series really ghosts or the figment of Abby's imagination? Children and adults will laugh when Abby and her gang learn about a mysterious boy named Cliff who takes them on a whirlwind of bicycle hills and mysteries. Abby grows up in the series and runs a detective agency with her best friends Jaxson and Neils. Did this really happen or is it simply Abby's imagination once again?Join Abby and her friends through this fast-paced novel that will leave children begging for more Adventures of Abby Diamond.

A Dragon's Passion

by Sandra Enriquez

Inside the land of Miradel lies the Kingdom of Petroset, where a little boy tried to hide a horrible secret from everyone. Yet even as Tyson endures an unjust nightmare in the king's court, he is strangely comforted by the warm eyes of the king's daughter, Annaliessa. Tyson realizes that he and the beautiful girl share something in common-- a father that never loved them. More than a decade later, Miradel is a land steeped in a witch's curse that binds Princess Annaliessa to five princes. Forced to choose one to marry even though she is not in love with any of them, Annaliessa knows she must produce an heir to the throne soon or be forever bound to her father's violent tendencies. As all five princes compete for her affection, Annaliessa secretly hopes for a miracle that will carry her away forever. When an earthquake strikes Petroset, Annaliessa thinks her wish is coming true as she escapes in the arms of her hero, Tyson, who saves her from certain death. Oblivious to what is happening around her, Annaliessa is about to become trapped in revenge's web of lies and betrayal. Is one man's love enough to save her from the scars revenge leaves behind? In this fantasy tale, temptation, sacrifice, and the power of unconditional love fuel a journey of self-discovery for a young woman who only wants one thing--true happiness.

Empowerment: A Key Component of Christian Community Development

by Mary Nelson

The way we as Christians attempt to restore communities can be either harmful or helpful. The purpose of this book on Empowerment is to move us toward more effective involvement and empowerment with the poor. Leaders will learn to see our under-resourced communities and their residents through a new set of eyeglasses; focusing more on developing people's skills and capacities, rather than simply helping the poor live better lives. Empowerment is one of Eight Key Components of Christian Community Development, a Biblical approach to restoring under-resourced communities.

Fidget to Focus: Outwit Your Boredom: Sensory Strategies for Living with ADD

by Roland Rotz Sarah D. Wright

"Full of tips and strategies collected over years of shared experiences, Fidget to Focus is a gold mine of information and sometimes surprising, sometimes heart-warming stories about how to stay focused and on track, even when tasks are dull, tedious, and boring." -- Thom Hartmann, author of Attention Deficit Disorder: A Different Perception. Until now, the only way you could learn about the Fidget to Focus approach to successfully living with and managing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) was to attend a national conference. The groundbreaking ideas in this book, based on the personal experiences of hundreds of people and recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, will change the way you live with this disorder. Fidget to Focus is a guide to keeping your brain engaged and focused with tools and techniques available to you at any time (workbook included!).

How To Build A Better Mousetrap: Recollections And Reflections Of A Family Caregiver

by Abbie Johnson Taylor

In January of 2006, Abbie Johnson Taylor's husband suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed on his left side. After months of therapy in a nursing facility, he returned home in September of that year. Although he still had little use of his left arm and leg, it was hoped that through outpatient therapy, he would eventually walk again. In January of 2007, he suffered a second stroke that wasn't as severe, but it was enough to impact his recovery. In August of that year, his therapy was discontinued because he showed no progress. He has never walked since. The first five poems tell the story of how Taylor found her husband when he suffered his first stroke, detail events in the first few months afterward, and describe Taylor and her husband's reactions. The rest of the poems in the first part were inspired by Taylor's experiences while caring for her husband. Covering such topics as dressing, feeding, toileting, their relationship, and his computer, they often provide a humorous outlook. Some poems are from the husband's point of view. Poems in the next two parts cover childhood memories and other topics. The last section of poems was inspired by Taylor's fifteen years of experience as a registered music therapist in a nursing home before marrying her husband.

Imaginary Crimes: Why We Punish Ourselves and How to Stop

by Tom Ferguson Lewis Engel

This liberating book shows us how to break out of the self-defeating patterns that have been keeping us from attaining our most cherished goals.

Kwa Heri Means Goodbye: Memories of Kenya 1957-1959

by Dorothy Stephens

In 1953, when Dorothy Stephens and her husband lived in married student housing at the University of Michigan, she envisioned a safe, conventional life ahead. She never imagined living in Kenya toward the end of the Mau Mau uprising, plunged into an exotic new world, facing safari ants, wild bees, and a vicious monkey, and discovering a core of strength deep in her security-loving soul. See Kenya through her eyes in its last tumultuous days as a British colony and witness the transformative effect on her life. Meet the emerging young leaders of the independence movement and the fascinating women who became her friends. Travel to Murchison Falls in Uganda and to Ngorongoro Crater in Tanganyika. Accompany her, with her house servant and three young children, on a three-hundred-mile drive to the Kenya coast through desolate bush inhabited by big game, a trip that had a profound and lasting impact.

Lost Eye: Coping with Monocular Vision After Enucleation or Eye Loss from Cancer, Accident, or Disease

by Jay D. Adkisson

Lost Eye is a collection of e-mails and message threads from Jay Adkisson's website, along with articles and other helpful information to help persons who have lost an eye to cope with the experience. The message is that life can continue as normal after the loss of an eye, and that there are many other people who are similarly situated and have successfully coped with the loss of an eye for many years.

Mental House: The Roman Opening

by Ment

There is something special about this young man. He has walked this earth before; he has traveled through his dreams. His dreams cause concern but strangely, they speak the truth. Roman Phoenix has the ability to see what many cannot. In his dreams, he travels into the truth--a truth that cannot be detected by the human eye. One autumn night no different from any other, he completes his nightly ritual and falls asleep. When he wakes, the dreams leave him troubled once again. He recites the demonic tales to the only person who is actually interested: an old friend of the family. But what makes this man so interested in the young boy's dreams? Although these dreams are significantly different, through Roman's eyes, a connection is made. Mental House: The Roman Opening captures the essence of Roman, a child having to balance two dimensions: his world, living with a mental health disability, and the treacherous spiritual world.

Monkey Suits: A Novel

by Jim Provenzano

The cater waiter is the ultimate illusion; queer posing as straight, liberal posing as conservative, hedonist posing as eunuch. In his second novel, Jim Provenzano (author of the acclaimed PINS) explores Manhattan society life from the servants' point of view.<P> Monkey Suits serves up a compassionate and witty tale of 1980s class warfare, and the romantic entanglements of a quintet of tuxedo-clad waiters. Lee Wyndam's work-related affairs lead to more frustration than he'd expected. Drawn to activism, his passion may finally blossom. His ex-boyfriend Brian Burns' foray into "the oldest profession" leads to a strange encounter. Ed Seabrook, Brian's spiritual boyfriend, Marcos Tierra, a sassy club kid, and Ritchie Hurst, a (mostly) straight sculptor, each have their lives forever changed by a tumultuous benefit protest.

Nogales: A Memoir of Courage, Survival, and Escape

by Stephen H. Wilson

Steve and Bob thought they had found paradise in the small Indian village located in the lush jungle mountains of Michoacan, Mexico. Steve also discovered Pati, a dark-eyed Indian beauty and he was at peace ... until the soldiers came on a June morning in 1973. In an instant, Steve and Bob's life would take a very dangerous turn. They were captured, tortured, and held in some of Mexico's worst prisons. There would be no judge, no jury, and no trial. Brought to the edge of despair, they endured prison riots, starvation, and horrible living conditions. They survived only through their friendship and a much needed sense of humor. When they are informed by a sympathetic guard that Steve is to be killed, it is time to formulate a desperate plan to be free or die trying. This book is based on the actual events that occurred to Stephen Wilson.

The Oasis

by Mary Mccarthy

"Oasis" is a satirical account of a failed Utopian experiment set in New York. Some have suggested that it is loosely based on McCarthy's own experiences while participating in the founding of a commune started by intellectuals.

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