Access Technology Providers

Access Technology Providers

  • American Printing House for the Blind — a source for adapted educational and daily living products.

  • BookCourier from Springer Design, Inc. - a portable reading device designed specifically for people with vision and learning disabilities that make reading difficult.

  • The Braille Institute — a private non-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate blindness and severe sight loss as a barrier to a fulfilling life.

  • Code Factory — developer of mobile technology designed for the blind and visually impaired.

  • Don Johnston — developer of proven instructional models, effective literacy strategies and innovative technologies to help struggling learners reach grade-level performance.

  • Freedom Scientific — developer of assistive and adaptive technology for individuals who are blind, or have low vision or learning disabilities.

  • gh Accessibility — developer of cutting edge technology that impacts a broad range of people with all types of disabilities to provide the highest levels of access to static and dynamic information.

  • GW Micro — a pioneer in the adaptive technology industry, and continues to lead with innovative, customer driven solutions.

  • Humanware — developer of products that help visually-impaired individuals compete in a sighted world.

  • Kurzweil Educational Systems — developer of scanning and reading solutions for the blind and visually impaired (Kurzweil 1000) and scanning, reading and writing solutions for persons with reading disabilities (Kurzweil 3000).

  • Plextalk — developer of assistive technology devices such as digital talking book players for people who are blind, or have low vision or learning disabilities.