API V1.0 Error Codes

Error 0

Book Not Found

Error 10

Invalid Search Character

Error 11

Maximum page number possible is max-possible-page-number

Error 12

Id cannot be used with the Search operation

Error 13

Invalid Member Id specified

Error 14

No Members available for the Sponsors Organization

Error 20

Invalid Date

Error 30

Periodical Not Found

Error 31

Periodical Edition Not Found

Error 32

Periodical Revision Not Found

Error 40

Content Not available

Error 41

Insufficient privileges {followed by the reason}

Error 42

Content not available in requested format

Error 43

Content Id is not recognized

Error 44

User Account has not signed the user agreement. Please contact customer support.

Error 50

Invalid/Incomplete request
This error indicates that there are certain invalid parameter values specified in the URL and the detailed message indicates cause of this failure.
For example:
/book/id/abcd -> Id must be a valid Number

Error 51

The output format requested is not supported
Only xml and json output formats are supported. Any other output format requested will return this error code.

Error 60

Unauthorized access
The User Account does not have enough permissions to perform this action

Error 61

The User account must be a Sponsor of an Active Organization to perform this action

Error 70

Preference field is invalid. User does not have this option for preference.

Error 71

Preference Field Action {abc} is invalid. {abc} will be replaced by the invalid preference field submitted.

Error 72

The value for this action is invalid.

Error 73

The format of the request is invalid. The fields may not be in the right order, or incomplete.

Error 74

The User Action preference request is invalid

Error 75

The Preference Value being set for (aaa) is read-only. aaa will be replaced by the name of the read only preference.

Error 82

The Member for whom the title is being downloaded for needs IEP

Error 401

Insufficient Privileges
The User does not have privileges to perform the requested operation.

Error 400

Invalid Login attempt
Invalid Credentials Specified.

Error 404

Page Not Found
This error is received if a URL is not recognized.

Error 500

Internal Server Error
Unexpected error encountered while processing the request.