API V1.0 Test Data for Partners

Notice: The Bookshare API V1 will be sunset on June 30, 2024 and will no longer be available. Partners will need to migrate to API V2 to continue accessing the Bookshare collection after that date. Learn about API V2.

Test User Accounts

In order for you to test, demonstrate and execute effective support of the authentication components of the web service, we provide two types of accounts.

  1. Testing/Demonstration Accounts: These account do not have access to copyright titles, but they do have access to public domain titles, which constitute a significant subset of the Bookshare collection.  See below for a list of recommended test books.
  2. Support Accounts: For access to copyright titles in order to do individualized user support, you will need to become a full technology partner. Email us at partner-support@bookshare.org to start the process.

Testing/Demonstration Accounts:


For "Individual Member" search and download:

For "Teacher" or "Organizational Member" search and download, on behalf of students who are not individual members themselves: 

Test Books

We recommend using at least the following titles to test DAISY reading functionality.  All are available to the testing/demonstration accounts listed above, and together they represent the variety of structure, content, and file size found in our collection.  Very large files are included for performance testing.  Since there are over 4,000 public domain titles in Bookshare's collection, there is no need to limit testing to those listed below.  For additional books, we particularly recommend the recently-added, highly structured textbooks found in our Open Educational Resources collection.

  • Bookshare Demo: The Rocket Boys of NIH, by Don Luckett (Bookshare title ID 141184).  This is the simplest of the test books.  The unzipped file is about 229KB and has 16 pages.  Headings exist only to level2, and there are no structures such as lists, tables, sidebars, etc. 
  • Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology, by U.S. Department of Education (Bookshare title ID 167444).  This is a relatively small but highly structured book.  The unzipped file is about 1.1MB.  The book is paginated, and it includes alphanumeric rear matter pages.  Headings exist to level4, and DAISY structures include lists, sidebars, image captions, producer's notes, and external links.
  • Bookshare Demo: Introduction to Economic Analysis, by R. Preston Mcafee (Bookshare title ID 157388).  This book is less structured than the one above, but it is somewhat larger.  With 322 pages and headings to level3, it makes extensive use of tables.
  • A Comprehensive Outline of World History, by Jack Maxfield (Bookshare title ID 296653).  At 8.6MB, this is a larger title, and it is not paginated.  Headings are present to level4, and DAISY structures include lists, tables, notes, and internal links.
  • Sample Book of Enormous Size, by Bookshare (Bookshare title ID 290623).  We created this title specifically for testing large files, and the book is 12.6MB unzipped.  There are no pages, and headings are present to the maximum level6.  Lists and tables are present throughout. Mimics NIMAC structure.