API V1.0 User History

User History

api.bookshare.org/user/history/for/Text User History User History List Response

Retrieve the list of books that a user has requested for download, over a period of time. Since certain types of books, such as those containing images, require additional time to prepare for a user, the history also includes a status for each request to indicate whether it is ready to be downloaded or is still in the process of being prepared.

User History

Response Details

User History List Response

Container: book/history


start-date Date The starting date of the history, default to one month previous 1
end-date Date The ending date of the history, default to today 1

Container: book/history/list/result

id Number Id that can be used in download request 1
title Text The title of the book 1
author Text The, or one of the, author(s) of the book 1/N
brief-synopsis Text Brief synopsis about this book 0/1
isbn-13 Number The 13-digit ISBN, if known 0/1
publisher Text The publisher of the book, if known 0/1
download-format Text

The format in which the book was requested.  One of the following:

  • BRF
  • DAISY_SEGMENTED: DAISY with multiple DTBooks
  • EPUB 3 *
  • PDF *+


  • * Format that requires asynchronous packaging need to check packaging status before downloading
  • + Format that is being used for some titiles in RNIB's private library 
download-date Date The date that the download was performed 1
packaging-status Text

The current status of the download. One of the following:

  • SCHEDULED_FOR_PACKAGING: It is in the process of being prepared for download
  • READY_FOR_DOWNLOAD: It is packaged for this user, but has not been downloaded yet.
  • DOWNLOADED: It has been packaged and downloaded already.
  • PACKAGING_FAILED: There was an error during the packaging and is not currently available.

XML Example

      <string>Results 1-2 of 2</string> 
                    <title>The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers</title>
                    <author>John Gardner</author>
                    <brief-synopsis>The Art of Fiction will fascinate anyone interested in how fiction gets put together.</brief-synopsis>
                    <publisher>Seven Stories Press</publisher>
                    <title>Little Women</title>
                    <author>Louisa May Alcott</author>
                    <brief-synopsis>Little Women is one of the  best loved books of all time.</brief-synopsis>
                    <publisher>Ten Speed Press</publisher>