API V1.0 User Info

api.bookshare.org/user/info/display/for/Text User Info User Info Response

User Info

  • Description: Get the account information for the given user.
  • Format: api.bookshare.org/user/info/display/for/Text, where the for parameter specifies the email address/username of the end user for whom the download is being requested for.  In addition the MD5 hash of the end user password must be passed in the request via a "X-password" HTTP header.
  • Authentication: User Authenticated
  • Response: User Info Response
  • Examples:

User Info Response

Container: user


downloads-remaining Number Indicates the number of downloads remaining for this User 1

Container: user/list/result

Additional Fields

userId Number Bookshare ID of the given user 1
displayName Text Name of the given user 1

XML Example:

    <string>User account information for test@benetech.org</string>
       <value>Joe Srinivasan</value>

JSON Example:

{"bookshare": {
  "version": "3.5.1",
  "messages": [
    "User account information for test@benetech.org"
  "user": {
    "userId": 237689,
    "displayName": "Joe Srinivasan"
  "downloadsRemaining": 100