Continuing a Lifetime of Reading

Carol Auxer loves books and shared her love for reading with others.She and her daughter, Deanna, read books together, including the Outlander series.

However, Carol began to suffer from macular degeneration and hearing loss, which impacted her daily life from driving to reading books. She turned to books on tape, but found it difficult to understand narrators and unusual speech patterns.

On Mother's Day, her daughter gave her a membership to Bookshare, and Carol was able to read again.

Because I can’t see or hear well, I’m experiencing a lot more cognitive overload than I used to. With Bookshare’s TTS voices, I can set the speed a little slower to give my brain time to hear and comprehend. Once I got used to the pattern of the TTS voice –  it is very even-toned – I no longer had to cope with the cadence and variation in human voices. I can enjoy books as fully as I used to without effort!  

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