Bookshare for Adults

Older woman listening to an audiobook using a phone and headphones

Do You Love Reading?

Books are enriching. They tell wondrous stories, teach new skills, and connect us to the wider world.

When people cannot read books due to barriers like vision loss and dyslexia, they miss out on all the great things books have to offer.

Bookshare® lets you read your way. You can access a huge library of ebooks on devices you already use and customize the experience to accommodate your reading needs.  

Make Reading Easier               

Readers can experience Bookshare ebooks many different ways:

  • Listen to books with high quality audio
  • See text and follow along with word-level highlighting
  • Adjust reading speed, font, and color
  • Enlarge font size
  • Read in braille
  • Add bookmarks and notes
  • Take advantage of partners apps and study tools

Bookshare ebooks provide more reading options than other ebooks or audio books. See how Bookshare works.

Lowest Cost, Unlimited Reading

Bookshare memberships cost $50 per year. Members get unlimited access to the entire collection and can read as many books as they like. That translates to less than $1 per week for unlimited reading!

Who Uses Bookshare?

Bookshare is the must-have reading app for people with dyslexia, learning disabilities, blindness, low vision, retinitis pigmentosa, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers. To use Bookshare, readers must have a qualifying disability. Learn about qualifications.

Mother holding an iPad with her adult daughter

Reading After Vision Loss

Carol Auxer loves books and loves reading with her daughter. They talk about books and spend quality time together. When she began to lose vision due to macular degeneration, she read less frequently. When her daughter got her Bookshare, Carol rekindled her passion for book and talking about them. Read Carol’s story.