Bookshare for Public Libraries

Help All Patrons Read

With over 630,000 titles available in audio, large text, and braille, Bookshare makes it easy and cost effective to deliver books and services to people with reading barriers.

What can public libraries offer patrons with Bookshare?

  • Alternative formats: provide patrons with ebooks in audio, audio + highlighted text, large text, and braille

  • Huge collection: access over 630,000 titles for students, adults, and professionals

  • Many-to-one lending: allow multiple patrons to access the same book at a time

  • NO returns required: patrons can download as many books as they like

  • Free apps: read on computers, tablets, smartphones, braille devices, and more

Who can use Bookshare?

To use Bookshare, patrons must have a qualified reading barrier, such as:

  • Dyslexia
  • Learning disabilities
  • Visual impairments
  • Physical disabilities

Learn about Bookshare qualifications.

How do libraries partner with Bookshare?

Libraries purchase member blocks that can be distributed to patrons with qualifying reading barriers. U.S. school libraries can join for FREE through an award from the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), U.S. Department of Education. For more information contact

We're Exhibiting at the ALA Conference in New Orleans

Are you going to the ALA Conference in New Orleans? Stop by Bookshare booth #1343 and learn how your library can help ALL patrons read.

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