Turn It Up & Tell the World Reading Challenge

This reading program has concluded. You can access the 2018 Summer Reading Program here.

What Are You Reading This Summer? 

Get ready to have a blast. Bookshare invites you to join the Turn It Up and Tell the World reading challenge, where you choose the best summer reads and share your favorites with members on Bookshare, Facebook, and Twitter.

Turn up your summer reading with fantastic books and tell the world about the books you like. You’ll help members around the world discover awesome titles and get tons of thanks and kudos for sharing from the Bookshare community. It’s going to be a blast!

How Does It Work?


Find and read any books you want. Get to those books you’ve been meaning to read all year long, or check out our staff picks.


If you like a book you’ve read, share it one of these easy ways: 

    • Facebook: Post a message on our page including the hashtag #TurnUp4Books. 
    • Twitter: Tweet and include the hashtag #TurnUp4Books.
    • Bookshare: Post a message about what you're reading on an easy-to-use form.

Every week, join us in discussing great books by topic or interest:

Get Thanks and Kudos

Your favorite books will be featured in our weekly challenge email, on the Bookshare website, and you’ll get thanks and kudos on Facebook and Twitter!

It’s a Wrap, Thank You for Turning It Up & Telling the World!

When Does It Start?

The challenge officially starts June 22, but make sure to get ready and get reading now!

Get Ready!

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