Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

  1. Sign-up to become a Bookshare volunteer

  2. Register for a Poet account and contact Bookshare staff to have registration approved and to obtain a Book ID number.

  3. Once approved, sign-in to Poet

  4. Enter the Book ID number (obtain from Bookshare staff or representative)

  5. Note how to navigate images. Books are divided into "parts". Enter the part number and the images from only that part of the book will be loaded. You may then filter by "show all" or "show description needed". Poet has also assigned an image number to each image for ease in searching.

  6. Described in text.

  7. Select an image from the sidebar to describe

  8. Mark if the image should be described (default is “yes”)

  9. Indicate if image should be described. Yes = conveys relevant info not already in the text; No = visual interest only or already described in text.  Unspecified = describer is unsure and will skip this image
  10. Select the “type” of image and follow instructions for that specific type. If unsure of the type, select “none”

  11. Select “Add Description” and describe the image based the instructions for the type and/or on your assessment of its relevance to the text.

  12. Ask yourself, “What is the point of the image? What information will be lost if not included in a description?”

  13. Remember to click “Save” before moving to the next image

  14. Be brief

  15. Be objective. Let the student make interpretations

  16. Begin with the overview, then move to the specifics
    Remember your audience. Keep grade-level in mind. Avoid using metaphors/colors that may be irrelevant to someone who is sight-impaired.

Help is available in the page footer where you can find links to image description "guidelines" and "help." 

Questions? Contact Bookshare volunteer staff

Described in text.