Intro to Scanning & Proofreading

Creating Accessible Books

Make a big impact! Our scanning and proofreading volunteers help thousands of Bookshare® members by adding new books to the Bookshare library.

What does scanning and proofreading involve?

Scanning: You can make virtually any book accessible if you are willing to scan the file and submit it to Bookshare. If you have a computer with internet access, a scanner with scan-to-text software, basic computer skills, and a desire to share your love of books, you can start scanning today!

Proofreading: When books are scanned and converted to text, there are always errors or "scannos" that result. Bookshare volunteers detect and correct errors and formatting so that books are usable with a variety of assistive devices--from screen readers to digital braille devices. A computer with internet access, word processing software, and an eye for detail are all you need!

Double your impact! For each book that is successfully scanned or proofread, you may earn reward credits that can be used or donated to reduce the cost of a Bookshare membership for a qualified member.

Ready to get started?

If you are new to volunteering here, your first step is to sign-up. Learn more about scanning and proofing in the following sections. Return to Volunteer Home to submit scans, check out books to proof, and for access to other tools to manage your volunteer efforts.