Step 2: Renew, Release or Reject

Renewing a Book

Bookshare wants to ensure timely proofreading of scanned files so that the scanner may have their work finished and so members can access new books. For this reason, we have a five-book limit and a two-week check-out period for books to be proofread. Here are the details:

How do I know when my books are due?

Login to, select "My Bookshare" and click on My Checked-Out Books to view your books and their due dates

What if I need more time to proofread?

You will receive an automated email reminder when your books approach the end of their editing period. The link to renew will show up in My Checked-Out Books on the same line as the book's title. Click it to reset your editing time for another two weeks. You can only renew your book at the end of the two-week period and you only have a few days to renew it before it is automatically released back to the Checkout Queue for someone else to proof

Release a Book

What if I am unable to finish proofreading or uninterested in the book I checked out?

If you are no longer able to proof or don't like the book you can release it for someone else to work on. To do so follow the steps above to get to My Checked-Out Books find the book title, and in the "Action" column, select "Release." Note that none of your changes to the book will be saved. After completing this step, delete the book from your computer

Rejecting a Book

When would I reject a book?

If a book does not appear to meet our guidelines (below), you should flag it for evaluation by staff. To do this, go to "My Bookshare" and My Checked-Out Books. Find the book title and then select "Reject." Reject any book that is:

  • already in the collection unless it's a BSO
  • poorly scanned, missing most page breaks, most page numbers, and copyright and/or other required information
  • in a category of books that Bookshare cannot accept
    • eBooks (even if they have been printed and scanned)
    • Standardized tests
    • Teacher editions of textbooks
    • Copyrighted dramatic works (plays or screenplays)