Getting Started with Capti Voice Online

Capti Voice allows you to read Bookshare books online using their high quality voices, saving your reading location to the cloud allowing you to pick up right where you left off on another device using Capti. 

To get started:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select the Sign Up button from the top of the page to create a Capti account
  3. From the playlist tab select the "add Track" button and select Bookshare from the list

You will be prompted to sign into bookshare where you can search and download for Bookshare books.

All books will be displayed in your playlist. 

Note: the free version of Capti will not dispaly images and will have limitations on books downloaded to the account.  Subscribing to Capti will unlock all of Capti's features.

Voicing Options

Capti provides several built in voices available to purchase or available to subscribers.  When logged into Capti navigate to the "Voices" button from the top menu to view the list of voices available. 

The voice menu also includes options for modifying the speech rate in words per minute.

Text Options

With a book open select the "Configure how Text Looks" (Capital T button) from the bottom right corner.  The text options include:

  • Font face including Open Dyslexic
  • Justified or right aligned
  • Margin options
  • Viewable line options
  • Spacing options
  • Text color and highlighting themes