Bookshare International

How many books are available globally?

Bookshare is able to provide books to readers around the world because publishers have given rights to distribute globally. Over 440,000 titles are currently available to Bookshare members around the world.

Additional books converted by Bookshare or contributed by volunteers may be available to countries that have ratified the Marrakesh Treaty.

See how many books are available in your country.

How does Bookshare get its books?

Over 850 publishers partner with Bookshare and give rights for Bookshare to distribute titles around the world. Volunteers add more titles, particularly local content, by helping with the conversion and proofing of books in specific countries. Learn about publisher partnerships

How many books are available in my language?

Bookshare offers books in 44 languages. View the number of books by language.

Who qualifies for Bookshare?

Bookshare members must have a qualifying disability that prevents them from reading traditional print or ebooks. Organizations that partner with Bookshare can provide access to the library only to people with qualifying disabilities. Learn about qualifications.

How much does it cost?

Members enjoy unlimited access to the Bookshare library. Fees are based upon World Bank income designations by country, with reduced or free pricing for developing countries. See what it costs in your country. (move to

Organizational partner fees are based upon the partner platform they select. Learn about partnering

What is the legal basis for Bookshare?

Bookshare is a Benetech initiative. Benetech operates Bookshare under an exception to copyright law called the Chafee Amendment (17 U.S.C. § 121), which makes Bookshare legally possible in the U.S. The Chafee Amendment allows us to provide copyrighted digital books as long as they are available only to people with bona fide print disabilities. The Bookshare site does not provide access to copyrighted works for the general public. With the passage of the Marrakesh Treaty, Bookshare can provide access to converted books to qualified individuals outside the United States. In addition, Bookshare also receives publisher permission to provide books to members outside the U.S. See Bookshare's legal information