BeeLine Reader with Bookshare Web Reader

BeeLine Reader

Bookshare has partnered with BeeLine Reader to offer you another way to make reading easier.

BeeLine Reader helps you read more easily by applying a subtle color gradient to text. This gradient wraps from the end of one line to the beginning of the next, which helps with visual tracking and reduces line-skipping. BeeLine’s new approach has been honored at the United Nations and covered by NPR.

To find out how to use BeeLine on other websites or on PDFs, see the BeeLine Reader website.

Use BeeLine Reader with Bookshare Web Reader

  • Select a book from your Bookshare account
    • Click the “Read Now” button to open in the Web Reader
  • Go to the Web Reader Settings (gear icon) to activate the feature
    • Under Text and Background Color, select BeeLine (text color gradiation)
    • Click Bright, Dark, Blues, Gray, Inverted for your color scheme
    • Choose your font size or type and view settings
    • Click Save

  Web Reader settings window, that now includes BeeLine as a visual option and allows the user to select one of several color schemesBookshare Web Reader with BeeLine coloration turned on

Tips for BeeLine and Bookshare Web Reader Use 

Please note that the BeeLine product is separate from Bookshare Web Reader.
  • Bookshare recommends that members using screen readers leave BeeLine Reader set to off. When enabled, the screen reader will read out the text letter-by-letter.
  • Check your settings if you experience slow color gradiation loading. BeeLine Reader operates best in single- or facing-page mode for page layout.