Bookshare Career Resources

Bookshare has a large collection of resources used daily in offices all over the world, including technical software manuals and other professional development materials. As one longtime member attests, "Bookshare's collection of computer and programming manuals runs circles around everyone else's." Other members report accessing Bookshare to enhance skills such as real estate sales and working with people.

In addition to using Bookshare for personal and career development, consider disclosing your disability to your employer to request on-the-job accommodations specific to your needs.

Looking for a job? Bookshare’s Career Resources special collection has the books you need for resume writing, interviewing, and other aspects of your job search. Topics in this collection include:

  • Career Assessment and Choosing a Job
  • Disabilities and Employment
  • Interview Skills
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Students and Young Job-Seekers
  • Transition and Career Change

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