Bookshare Web Reader Shortcuts

Bookshare Web Reader offers a series of access keys for users.

If you are on Chrome and IE:

  • Alt+P: Toggle TTS (Only Available on Google Chrome) 
  • Alt+B: Activate Back to Library 
  • Alt+T: Toggle Table of Contents 
  • Alt+N: Toggle Night Mode 
  • Alt+X: Hide Toolbar Navigation 
  • Alt+O: Toggle Viewer Options Dialog 
  • Alt+1: Turn to Next Page 
  • Alt+2: Turn to Previous Page 

If you are on Firefox:

  • Alt+Shift+B: Activate Back to Library 
  • Alt+Shift+T: Toggle Table of Contents 
  • Alt+Shift+N: Toggle Night Mode 
  • Alt+Shift+F: Toggle Full Screen Mode 
  • Alt+Shift+X: Hide Toolbar Navigation 
  • Alt+Shift+V: Show Toolbar Navigation 
  • Alt+Shift+O: Toggle Viewer Options Dialog 
  • Alt+Shift+1: Turn to Next Page 
  • Alt+Shift+2: Turn to Previous Page

If you are on Safari:

  • Control+Option+P: Play/Stop text-to-speech (only available on later versions Safari)
  • Control+Option+B: Back to Bookshare
  • Control+Option+T: Toggle Table of Contents
  • Control+Option+N: Toggle Night Mode
  • Control+Option+F: Toggle Full Screen Mode
  • Control+Option+X: Hide Toolbar
  • Control+Option+V: Show Toolbar
  • Control+Option+O: Toggle Viewer Settings Dialog
  • Control+Option+1: Turn to Next Section
  • Control+Option+2: Turn to Previous Section