Can I read your books using a Kindle or Nook?

If you are using a Nook HD, you can use it to access Bookshare material with the free app Go Read.

Currently Bookshare's DAISY files cannot be read with a Kindle or Nook other than the Nook HD. To comply with Copyright law, Bookshare must provide books in formats that are accessible to people with various reading barriers. Currently most eReaders don't support full accessibility but may provide users with features that help them read effectively.

Some members use a work-around to convert Bookshare books into a format that can be read on Kindles and Nooks, but the experience is not the fully accessible one that Bookshare recommends. Here are the instructions for the work-around:

  1. Download the book in the DAISY Text format
  2. Unzip the book archive and open the .XML file with a Web Browser such as Internet Explorer.
  3. Select all the text in the file, including boilerplate language. To do this quickly from the keyboard, use Control+A. 
  4. Copy the selected text to the Windows clipboard (Control+C). 
  5. Open a text editor or word processor and paste the text (Control+V). 
  6. Save the file with .TXT extension.

For a more accessible reading experience, we recommend using a Bookshare-integrated reading tool.