Clusive Reader: Getting Started

Clusive® is a flexible, customizable learning environment that contains a library of 100+ titles, including vocabulary-rich, leveled versions of high-interest texts for middle school students. Clusive integrates with Bookshare so members can import Bookshare books into the tool. Users can also upload EPUB or Word documents to be read out loud.

Currently the Bookshare integration only works for Bookshare members who have Individual Memberships however anyone can use the Clusive reader to access titles in the Clusive library and/or upload their own content in EPUP or Word formats.

Getting Started with Clusive and Bookshare

  1. Go to
  2. Create a free account. Note: Clusive asks to verify your email before you can complete account signup and log in.
  3. Log in to your account
  4. Select the drop-down arrow next to your name, then select My Account
    Screenshot of Clusive tool showing how to link a Bookshare Account
  5. Select the “Connect to a Bookshare account” button.
  6. Enter your Bookshare username and password. Your Bookshare account is now linked, and you can search for, and read Bookshare books in the Clusive reader.

Importing Bookshare Books into the Clusive Reader

  1. Select the Library link.
  2. Select the Upload from Bookshare link
  3. Search by title, author or ISBN.
  4. Select “Import” next to the book you want to read
  5. Select a subject from the list provided, then select Add to My Readings
  6.  Next, you are taken to your Library. This is where all your uploaded Bookshare books and other readings are located.

Reading Bookshare Books in the Clusive Reader

  1. On the Library page, select “My Readings” under the “View My Readings” dropdown menu to access your Bookshare books and other articles you have imported from the Clusive library, or uploaded on your own.
  2. Select the book you wish to read.
  3. You can take the quick vocabulary assessment or select “Skip this. Take me to the article.”
  4. Select the Settings icon to customize the text and audio, the play button to hear the book read aloud and the table of contents icon to navigate to a specific chapter. Select the arrows to move forward or backward a section in the book.
  5. You can add your thoughts about the book by selecting the cloud icon.

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