Downloading Books on a Victor Reader Stream with Wifi

The latest Victor Reader Stream model includes built in Wifi allowing Bookshare members to log into, search, and download Bookshare content directly on the device.

First enable the Bookshare service by:

  1. Press the Menu Key (#7) until you locate the "Online Services" menu
  2. Press 2 or 8 to locate the "Add Bookshare Service" option
  3. Press # to select it
  4. Enter your full Bookshare email address and press # to continue
  5. Enter your full case sensitive Bookshare password and press # to continue
  6. You should hear "Bookshare Enabled"

Once Bookshare is enabled you can search and download books by:

  1. Press 1 to Locate the Bookshare Bookshelf and # to select it
  2. Press 2 or 8 to locate the search method you wish to use
  3. If necessary enter search criteria, press # to continue
  4. Press 4 or 6 to move through the search results (press 5 on the title to hear its description)
  5. Press # on the desired book to begin the download

The book will be added to the Bookshare Bookshelf for easy access in the future.