Educators Get Started Step 2

Step 2: Setting Up Your Account

Add Members

Video Tutorial: Add Members to Your Account Youtube icon

Adding qualifed students to your roster allows you to manage their information and assign books to them. To add a member:

1. Sign into Bookshare and go to your "My Bookshare" page.

2. Select "Members." 

Screenshot of Sponsor's My Bookshare Page with Members link circled

3. Select "Add Member."

Screenshot of Sponsor's My Bookshare Page with Add Member button circled

4. Complete the new member information. Select "Save."

The new student is now added to your Member roster. Learn more about adding several students at once in the How-to Guide: How to Add 15 or More Members.

After adding each student member, you will be given the opportunity to add him or her to a Reading List or create a new Reading List for him or her. Select "Not Now" at this time. We'll cover how to use Reading Lists after you add Sponsors to your account.

Options to assign a book, add to reading list or not now

Add Sponsors

Video Tutorial: How to Add Sponsors Youtube icon

You can also add additional educators (Sponsors) to your account. Anyone who will assign books to students can be a Sponsor.

1. Select the "Sponsors" link on your "My Bookshare" page.

Screenshot of Sponsor's My Bookshare Page with Sponsor link circled

2. Select "Add Sponsor"

3. Complete form and select "Save."

Screenshot for Add New Sponsor

Congratulations! You have successfully added Members and Sponsors and will now learn how to assign books to members.