Educators Get Started Step 3

Step 3: Get Books to Students

Books can be assigned individually with the Assign & Read feature, or in groups of books via Reading Lists. The following steps will show you how to assign books using both of these methods.

Assign & Read

Video Tutorial: Assign Books with Assign & Read Youtube icon

1. Log into your Bookshare account and search or browse for a book. Select the "Assign" button.

Screenshot of book detail page with the Assign button circled

2. You can assign this book to any of the students on your member roster. Select the name(s) of the student(s) to whom you wish to assign this book and select “Assign.” 

Screenshot of member roster

You have now assigned a book. Instruct your students to log in with their username and password to view their assigned books.

Create a Reading List

Video Tutorial: How to Create Reading Lists Youtube icon

1. Select "My Reading Lists" on your "My Bookshare" page.

Screenshot of Sponsor's My Bookshare Page with Reading List link circled

2. Select "Create."

Screenshot of My Reading List page

3. Name the Reading List, enter a description, and select "Done." Next you will be prompted to add members to the Reading List. This is how you assign this Reading List to your students.

 4. Select the appropriate member name(s) and select the "Add Selected Members" button.

Screenshot of adding a member to a Reading List

5. Select the "Titles" link to add books to the Reading List, then select "Add Books."

Screenshot of select titles link

Screnshot of Add Books button

6. Search for books by title, author, or ISBN. When you find a book you want to add, place a check mark next to the title and select "Save and Add More" if you wish to search for and add more titles or “Save and Close” if finished adding books.

Screenshot of book search for adding books to reading list

You can also add students to existing Reading Lists and subscribe to public Reading Lists curated by Bookshare. Learn more in the How-to Guide: How to Use Reading Lists.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a Reading List, added books to it, and assigned the Reading List to your students. Now your students are ready to read!  In the next section, you will learn how students can read quickly and easily with Bookshare Web Reader in a web browser on a Mac, PC, or Chromebook. However, there are many ways to read Bookshare books. This Reading Tools Wizard can help you determine what tools will work best with your students' devices.