Educators Get Started Step 4

Step 4: Read Bookshare Books

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Video Tutorial: Read Books with Bookshare Web Reader Youtube icon

Your students can read Bookshare books using many different tools. We recommend they start with Bookshare Web Reader.  Note: Bookshare Web Reader is fully compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, and Chromebook browsers, and partially compatible with other browsers. Learn more.

1. Have your students log in to the Bookshare website with their user name and password.

2. Books that have been assigned with the Assign & Read feature will be under the “Assigned Books” link. Books that have been assigned on a Reading List are found under the “Reading List” link.

Screenshot of Student's My Bookshare Page with assigned books and reading lists link circled

3. Student's find the desired book and select the "Read Now" button.

5. The book will open in Bookshare Web Reader.

Note: It may take 30-60 seconds for the book to load.

6. Select the table of contents icon and select a chapter to read.

Screenshot of Bookshare Web Reader Table of Contents

7. Select the speaker icon to hear the text read aloud. Select the Settings (gear) icon to enlarge the font, change background color or rate of speech, then "Save."


Screenshot of book in Bookshare Web Reader with speaker icon and settings icon called out

Screenshot of web reader settings

Other Reading Tools

Learn more about other reading tools your students can use to read Bookshare books on mobile devices, computers, and other devices.

Congratulations! Your students are ready to read!

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