FAQs for Bookshare Reader for Mobile

What mobile devices support the Bookshare Reader app?

Bookshare Reader is available on iOS smartphones and Android smartphones. 

Where is the Bookshare Reader app available? 

Bookshare Reader is currently available in the US. It will be available globally later this year.

How do I get Bookshare Reader for my mobile device?

Download Bookshare Reader from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

How do I read with Bookshare Reader on my mobile device?

  • Open Bookshare Reader
  • Log in to your Bookshare account
  • Select a book from your “Recent Books” or select a new book using the Search feature.
  • Read the book by selecting “Read Now” on the book detail page. You can also download the book to read offline.

How do I change settings like audio, text, and colors?

After opening a book to read, select the “Settings” option (gear icon) to adjust audio, text, page format, and color.

Why is the audio feedback not working? 

Make sure your device is not on silent mode. If your device is set on silent mode, the audio will not work in the app.

Why don’t I see a book I’ve read before in my Recent Books?

Bookshare Reader for mobile reads book in EPUB format only. Books previously read on other devices in formats like DAISY or BRF will not be displayed in “Recent Books.” To read them on your mobile device, you can search for the book and select to either “Read Now” or download the book. Going forward, the book will be displayed in “Recent Books.”

How do I navigate in a book?

Select the “Book Navigation” icon and navigate by selecting the chapter you want to read. Navigation by page and bookmark will be coming soon.

Can teachers log into the Bookshare Reader app and assign books to their students from the app?  

Currently sponsors are unable to assign books to students in the Bookshare Reader app. The app is indended to be used by Bookshare members. However, students can access their previously assigned books in the app through the “Assigned Books” tab. 

What other features will be coming in the future?

  • Navigate by page
  • Bookmarking
  • Select to read from a specific spot
  • Read in MathML
  • Auto-scrolling to follow word highlighting
  • Access to Reading Lists

How do I share feedback or report bugs on Bookshare Reader for mobile?