Getting Started with Open Lore

Open LORE is offered in three variations:

Bookshare Edition

Buy now $9.99

Read 1.5 (Enhanced)

Buy now $19.99

Learning Center

Buy now $39.99

The Bookshare edition is limited to accessing Bookshare content and comes with two high quality voices. Open Lore Read 1.5 has 5 high quality voices and adds several features including spell checking, notes, highlighter. Learning Center comes with 7 outstanding voices, adding even more features including vocabulary lists, study guide generation, and vocabulary games.

Installing Open Lore

Select the version of Open Lore that best fits your needs and complete the online purchase on the Open Lore pages from the buttons linked above. The page will guide you through the download and installation of Open Lore onto your Windows machine.

Downloading Bookshare books into Open Lore

Launch Open Lore and navigate to your library:

  1. Select the Add button from the top bar
  2. Log into your Bookshare account
  3. Search for the book you'd like to download and press the "Download" button
  4. Dialog boxes will guide you thru the process of adding the book to your library for reading even when you are not online!
Your Bookshare book will now be added to your library for reading.

Changing Text Options in Open Lore

Open lore offers unlimited flexibility in text and sentence highlighting options:

  1. Select the color pallet icon on the top left
  2. Select the Word, Sentence or Page button to select which option is being modified
  3. Select a color preset, or the paint brush icon to select a custom color
Text color is set by the "Aa" icons next to the color options, however text can only be set to one of four presets: black, white, light grey or dark grey. Set to best match the highlight colors.