How is Bookshare different from NLS or Learning Ally (RFB&D)?

Bookshare encourages people with print disabilities to get access to all the resources they need in order to read. For this reason, we recommend that Bookshare members also consider joining Learning Ally and the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS) by confirming eligibility of Bookshare members to these services. Learning Ally provides the same facilitation for Bookshare to its members.

That said, it is important to note the differences between services.

Largest Collection of Current Titles!

Bookshare has the largest, most diverse, and most current collection of titles. Whether individuals with print disabilities need books for school, work or pleasure, Bookshare has the highest likelihood of having the book you want.

High-Quality Text-to-Speech Electronic Voices

Bookshare books are read with high quality text-to-speech voices, whereas Learning Ally uses human-narrated voices. This approach allows Bookshare to give members greater choice and timely access to books, as well as flexibility in reading.

Widest Range of Reading Technologies

Our books can be read on the widest range of reading technologies, including computers, tablets, smartphones, assistive technology and even MP3 players. Finally, Bookshare books can be read in many different ways. Members can listen to words read aloud, see and hear words as they are highlighted on the screen, enlarge font sizes, read in digital braille or create hardcopy braille, and more!