How Can I Volunteer to Scan or Proofread Books?

It's easy to volunteer for Bookshare!

Scanning: You can make virtually any book accessible if you are willing to scan the file and submit it to Bookshare. If you have a computer with internet access, a scanner with scan-to-text software, basic computer skills, and a desire to share your love of books, you can get started scanning today!

Proofreading: When books are scanned and converted to text, there are always errors or "scannos" that result. Bookshare volunteers detect and correct errors and formatting so that books are usable with a variety of assistive devices--from screen readers to digital braille displays. A computer with internet access, word processing software and an eye for detail are all you need!

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  2. Visit Bookshare's Volunteer Home page where you can connect with the volunteer community and find guidelines and tools to help you get started

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