How do I access my Reading Lists on Read2Go?

Read2Go does not support Bookshare's Reading List functionality. (Note that the free app Easy Reader, by Dolphin, does support Reading Lists. For more on Easy Reader, visit

To access books on Reading Lists, members have two options:

Option 1: Search within Read2Go.  

Use the built in Search Bookshare option to search for and download this book.  

To start, select the settings button and log into your account. Then:

  1. Select Search Bookshare
  2. Search for the book by title, author, or ISBN
  3. Select the download button found next to the title

If you are assisting a student who does not have his/her own user name and password, or one who cannot log into their account, simply log in with your Bookshare Sponsor account and download the book as described above. After downloading navigate back to settings and log out of your account before giving the device back to the student. The books will stay on the device even if you have logged out.

Option 2: Downloading through the browser

The second option is to use the Open in function of iOS. To do this, manually go to from the device's web browser (Safari), log into your Bookshare account. Then:

  1. Navigate to your Reading List
  2. Press the download button with the DAISY Text Only or DAISY with Images format selected
  3. Select the “Available” or “Downloaded” link from the status section of the book
  4. After the download is complete select the “Open in...” link and choose Read2Go from the list. 

Please note: if you are logged in with a student access account and only have a Read Now link, you must use Option 1.