How do I add Members/Sponsors to my Bookshare organizational account?

To add members and sponsors to your organizational membership, log in and go to “My Bookshare.”

To add Sponsors:

Video Tutorial: How to Add Sponsors Youtube icon

  1. Select the “Sponsors” link.
  2. Select the “Add a Sponsor” button.
  3. Complete the form with the Sponsor’s information.

Each new Sponsor will receive a welcome email with a link to set his or her password. 

To add Members:

Video Tutorial: Add Members to Your Account Youtube icon

  1. Select the “Members” link. If there is text above your roster about adding members, use the link provided to download the Proof of Disability form for Organizational Memberships.
  2. If there is no text above your roster, use the “Add a Member” button below your roster to add qualified members one at a time. (Note that as you add each member, you can now set his or her username and password, download preferences and initiate an Individual Bookshare Membership to accompany and complement the school membership.)