How Do I Renew My Book?

Proofreaders have two weeks to proofread their book. At the end of two weeks you will receive an email stating that you have had the book for 2 weeks and you must either check the book in if you're finished proofing it, or renew it for more time to finish proofing it. There will be a link in this email to your "My Checked Out Books" page. When you go to that page, you should find a link that says "Renew" next to "Check In, "Release," and "Reject" in the "Action" column. You can only renew your book at the end of the two-week period and you only have a limited time to do so (which will be noted in the email). If you do not renew your book during the time allotted your book will be returned to the Checkout Queue for someone else to proofread. If you click on the link and do not see the "Renew" option next to the book's title, be patient! The link should show up within twenty-four hours.