How do I search for books in the Bookshare Download app on a Braille Sense?

When you choose “Books” from the “Select Search Mode” combo box described above, the next item in the dialog is “Select Search Method”. Press “Space” to choose between “Search word” and “Category search”. 

When you choose to “Search word”, the next item in the dialog is an edit box in to which you should enter a keyword for which you want title, author, or ISBN results. When you have entered the word you want to search, press “Enter” or Tab to the “Search” button, and press “Enter”.

If you choose “Category Search” the next item in the dialog is a list box containing the 35 available categories. Press “Space-1” and “Space-4” to navigate the category list. Press “Enter” to initiate the search, or Tab to the “Search” button and press “Enter”.

The Braille Sense U2 announces, “searching…” and progress beeps are heard as the unit searches the Bookshare library for items that match your search terms or chosen category. When the search is complete, you are placed in a list of results that match your search. Navigate the list using “Space-1” and “Space-4”.

The “Bookshare Download” dialog now contains 3 additional items: the “Search Results” listbox you are now in, a “Detail information” button”, and a “Download” button. If the results list contains more than 250 items, an additional button, “Next list”, appears after the results list in the tab order, also accessed by pressing “Enter-n (dots1-3-4-5)”.

Use “Space-1” and “Space-4” to navigate the list of items in the “Search Results” list. If you press “Enter on the “Detail information” button, or press its shortcut key, “Enter-I (dots-2-4)”, you are placed in a dialog providing more information about the book.

The “Detail Information” dialog contains the following items:

  1. A list box containing, “title”, “Author”, “ISBN”, “Brief Synopsis”, “Complete Synopsis”, “Category”, “Language”, “Publisher”, “publish date”, “Quality”, and “Free”.
  2. “close” button: closes the “Detail information” dialog, and returns you to the main dialog.


The “Detail information” listbox contains the following information:

  • “Title” shows the complete title of the book.
  • “author” lists the author or authors of the work.
  • “ISBN” lists the International Standard Book Number.
  • “Brief Synopsis” gives a short or partial synopsis of the book.
  • “Complete synopsis” provides a more detailed overview of the work.
  • “Category” lists the category the book is logged under in the Bookshare library.
  • “Language” lists the language in which the book is printed.
  • “Publisher” lists the publisher of the book.
  • “publish date” lists the copyright date of the work.
  • “Quality” refers to the quality of the scanned material.
  • “free” shows whether the book is part of the free, public domain collection, or requires a membership to download (indicated by “not free”).

You can download a book in the “search Results” list either by pressing “Enter” on the book title in the list, or by navigating to the “Download” button and pressing “Enter”. If you are logged in in “anonymous Mode” and pres “Enter” if the book is not part of the public domain collection, the Braille Sense announces and displays, “This content is not free” and returns you to the “Search Results” list.