How do I type my username or password in a Victor Stream

To log into Bookshare on a Victor Reader Stream:

  1. Press the Menu key (7) until you locate the Online Services Menu 
  2. Press the 2 or 8 key to locate the Add Bookshare Service menu option, then press Confirm (#) to select it
  3. Enter the Email address associated with your Bookshare account, press Confirm (#)
  4. Enter your Bookshare password and press Confirm (#) once again

For entering your email address or password note that the bookmark key is used as a caps lock for entering capital letters.

For entering characters each number on the keypad is used to enter multiple letters, multiple presses on each number reaches the character in this list:

  • 1 Key: 1, period, comma, question mark, dash, forward slash, colon, semi colon, single quote, quotes, back slash, less than sign, greater than sign, opening bracket, closing bracket
  • 2 Key:  a, b, c, 2
  • 3 Key: d, e, f, 3
  • 4 Key: g, h, i, 4
  • 5 Key: j, k, l, 5
  • 6 Key: m, n, o, 6
  • 7 Key: p, q, r, s, 7
  • 8 Key: t, u, v, 8
  • 9 Key: w, x, y, z, 9
  • 0 Key: space, 0, exclamation mark, at sign, pound sign, dollar sign, percent sign, caret, ampersand, asterisk, opening parenthesis, closing parenthesis, underscore, plus sign, equal sign, Pound Sterling sign, euro, Yen sign