How do I unzip or extract Bookshare books?

Please note that you only need to unzip our books if you're downloading them in the following formats:

  • DAISY (Text or Images)
  • BRF
  • Audio (MP3 or DAISY Audio)

You do not need to unzip books if you are using a mobile app or Web Reader. 

To unzip a book using Windows:

  1. Right-click (or press Shift + F10) on the .ZIP file, then select Extract All. This will open the "Select a folder to extract files to" dialog box. 

  2. To save the extracted book in a folder within the current location, select the Extract button. 

 To unzip a book using a Mac:

  1. Depending on your browser's settings, you will either have a zipped file or book folder within your Downloads folder. If you have a book folder (not .zip format), it is not necessary to unzip your book.

  2. If you do have a zip file, press Command + O or double-click the zipped file and it will self-extract into your Downloads folder. Once it self-extracts, a new folder with the book's title will be created, which will contain your book files.