I registered for Bookshare Organizational Membership and created a password. Why can't I download copyrighted books?

After the first step of registration you must complete two or three additional steps before you can download copyrighted materials for your members:

  1. Submit a signed copy of the Organizational Agreement. This agreement must be signed by the person registered as primary contact on your organization's account. 
  2. Register your qualifying students or clients on your Bookshare member roster. Some organizations will send a signed form, and some will create these members online. Find your organization's correct process by visiting the "Members" link of your "My Organization" screen after log in.  
  3. If your organization is serving non-students, you will need to purchase a book block. You can do so online via credit card or by sending a check or purchase order to our office. For more information on membership costs, visit What does it Cost? U.S. schools will not need to complete this step, because their memberships are funded by the U.S. Department of Education. 

If, after completing all the necessary steps, you are still unable to download copyrighted books from the website, please contact Bookshare support staff.