If one student in the class has a qualifying disability, is it acceptable to use the Bookshare book with a class.

Downloaded book files from an organizational account are meant for a particular qualified registered student. It is acceptable to project a limited portion of the book in a classroom for an assignment as long as the educator is not physically giving copies to students that the book was not downloaded for, and that the student with a qualifying disability is in the classroom. Additionally, the educator is not allowed to keep copies of this downloaded book once the assignment is complete.

The concept is that the Bookshare book is the textbook for the student with a disability, and actions that would be clearly acceptable with a print textbook would also be acceptable with the accessible textbook, such as reading aloud, reading an excerpt together in a small group, asking assistance from a family member with homework and so on. Similarly, actions that most people would recognize as not acceptable with a print textbook are also likely to be not acceptable with a Bookshare book: copying the entire book for someone else to avoid having to purchase a second copy, for example.

Unlike print books, however, Bookshare books cannot be handed over to someone other than the student for whom it was downloaded.