Supporting Students with Visual Impairments Learning at Home Webinar

Do you know how best to support students with visual impairments in an online environment? Join us for a webinar to learn how you can help students who are blind or have low vision to read and learn independently at home using a variety of tools, including Bookshare, a free ebook library for students who read differently. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What you can do to ensure that students with visual impairments have access to materials in formats that work for them, even while schools are closed
  • How students can benefit from Bookshare's collection of 825,000 textbooks, educational materials, and leisure books for free
  • How to easily and remotely assign books to students to read on their own at home
  • How to access free and paid reading apps for computers, tablets, smartphones, and AT devices
  • How to customize student reading experiences with ebooks in audio, braille, large font, and more
  • How to give students individual access so they can find and read books on their own

This session is presented by Renee Toy, Instructional Materials Coordinator at the Texas School for the Blind, along with Bentech's own Allison Hilliker, who is both visually impaired and the parent of a visually impaired child. Benetech's Associate Director of Global Literacy, Christine Jones, will moderate the discussion.