Request a book

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You will need to be logged into your Bookshare account and be a member from the U.S. 

We appreciate when you search the collection before making a request. If you're new to searching the collection, we have tips that can help. Note that Bookshare may have alternate editions available in our library.  We highly recommend using these alternate editions if possible as they are immediately available.  

If the book you need is not in the collection, fill out a book request form.  Title and/or ISBN are required; it is helpful if you have author, publisher and copyright year as well.  If we need additional information to fulfill your request, we'll contact you promptly.

We will purchase a copy, scan and proofread it, and get it in the collection for the benefit of qualifying students. Please be aware that this process can take up to three months, so the earlier a request is made, the better.

Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to fulfill requests for graphic novels, most languages other than English (we can fulfill requests for Spanish and French language books), or books that do not have a United States copyright.We encourage students and educators to place requests as early as possible for upcoming school terms.  Your request will go through many stages to be converted into an accessible format, and we cannot guarantee a specific turnaround time.    

Note that books that are not required for school will be added to Bookshare’s Wish List. Books stay on the Wish List for one year. Unfortunately, we are not able to fulfill all Wish List requests, as they can only be fulfilled as resources allow.