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Standard search

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You may want to start with a simple search in the standard search box at the top of every page. This box searches title, author, publisher, ISBN and synopsis.

Advanced search

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The Advanced Search page gives you a chance to specify words, names or phrases in particular fields such as title or synopsis, and limit by language or source.

Use quotation marks around words if you want to search for a particular phrase (for example, searching for “pig in a poke” will get you results that have that exact phrase; without the quotes, you’ll get all books that have the words “pig” and “poke” included).

You can use wildcards to refine your search:

Using the "-" (minus) character narrows results. (A search of "snail -mail" will get you results about the garden pest, not about postal service.)

Using the "*" (asterisk) character broadens results. (A search of "swim*" will get you results on swimmers and swimming, as well as swim.)

Selecting categories and grade level boxes may help narrow your results. However, not all records in our catalog have this information, so you may miss some relevant titles if you use this to narrow your search.

Note that if you select two categories, you’ll get all the titles within those categories, rather than titles on both subjects.

Browse and Special Collections

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The Browse page contains dozens of ready made Reading Lists curated by Bookshare's librarians such as New York Times Bestsellers, Award Winners, Leveled Readers, High Interest for Young Readers and more! Check out the Browse page frequently as the Readings Lists are updated as new titles become available and new lists are created based on current events and topics of interest. You can also subscribe to or copy these Reading Lists.

Other Places to Search

You may also want to use other social reading sites such as Goodreads, LibraryThing, your local public library, and other places where you know folks are talking about what you like to read. (The Horn Book and School Library Journal have great resources for young readers.) Return to Bookshare with their recommendations, and search away! 

For more information on finding and requesting books, review our guide on this topic in either .pdf or Word.