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Teachers can manage a student's Individual Membership account and link it to their school account. This permission enables teachers to help manage accounts, such as renewing subscriptions, resetting passwords, and updating member information.New linked Individual... more
Video Tutorial: Upgrade Your Account with an Individual Membership × If a student already has a student login to Bookshare, it is easy to upgrade their account to a full... more
An Individual Membership (IM) is a qualified adult or student's personal Bookshare account with Bookshare. IM's can freely search for and download books in any of the Bookshare accessible formats, unlike Organizational Members who only have access to books assigned to... more
Yes. You can continue using Bookshare as a paying Individual Member if you are no longer a student. As a non-student, you will need to purchase a subscription to continue using your account.Please visit our Help Center for more information about purchasing a... more
Bookshare members can continue using their account even after they’ve completed or halted their education. While Bookshare membership is only free for U.S. students (see Student Qualifications), you can purchase a membership when you are no longer a student to continue... more
Video Tutorial: Add Individual Membership to Student Accounts × If a student is on the roster of an existing Organizational Membership:Adding an Individual Membership to... more
All Bookshare Individual Memberships expire once a year.  For our current US students with free accounts, this system is just to ensure we have the most up to date school information on record.  To renew your free subscription:Log into Bookshare Select the Renew link ... more
Video Tutorial: Upgrade Your Student Account with an Individual Membership × With a full individual membership connected to the student's school account, students can read books... more
Yes! Once you are a Bookshare member you can continue using our service for life. No need to resubmit paperwork.If you are continuing your education, just update your student status  in the U.S. to include your new school information. It may take several days for your... more
Video Tutorial: Sign Up as an Individual Sign Up as an Individual×There are three steps to becoming a Bookshare member:1.    Register online.  Click “Sign Up Today”Click Sign Up IndividualComplete all of the required fieldsA welcome email will be sent to confirm your... more
Parents can either upgrade their child's school (Organizational) account to include an Individual Membership, ask the teacher to initiate the Individual Membership, or create a new account with Bookshare if their child is not on an Organizational Account.All... more
If a student already has Bookshare an Individual Membership account, it is easy to link it to an organizational (school) account. This allows Sponsors (teachers) on that organizational account to assign books to the student, but it also maintains the student's ability... more