Tips for screen readers

Welcome to the new website. What follows is a description of what’s changed from the perspective of a screen reader user.  

The first significant difference you will notice is the absence of the log in email and password  prompts. To display them, choose the Log In link. Place a checkmark in the Remember Me checkbox to be logged in automatically when you come back. Notice that when the log in prompts are present, your screen reader will speak the Log in Link as “expanded”. When the log in prompts are absent, the link is spoken as “collapsed”. 

Next on the page is the search region. With JAWS or NVDA, you can press e to move to    The Search edit field. Type your search term, title, author, or ISBN, and then press enter. You don’t have to tab to the Search button first. The Advanced Search and Browse options come right after the Search button. 

Once you are logged in, right after the link to the Bookshare Homepage, there are convenient links to: My Bookshare, My Account, and Log out. Choose the MY Bookshare link to access My History, My reading lists, My Requests, ETC. Choose the My Account link to review or change your account settings. 

Next is a “Navigation Region” with dynamic menus that can be expanded or collapsed. When a menu is collapsed, its options are hidden. When expanded, its options are shown as links. If you find a button labeled Expand Navigation Menu, this indicates that every menu is collapsed. To access the menus, maximize your browser window or activate the Expand Navigation button. The four available menus are: Is Bookshare for Me, Get Started, Get Involved, and Help Center. Each menu has an associated link and button. If a menu button says collapsed, press it to expand the menu. If a menu button says Expanded, press it to collapse the menu. In other words each button toggles its menu between collapsed and expanded. Also, when a menu expands, all others collapse. Although choosing the link associated with each menu provides an alternative way to navigate them, using the expanded menu options is the recommended approach. The menus and links described above appear on most pages.  

You can use your screen reader’s heading and region navigation commands to move about each webpage. The main body of most pages is at heading level 1. 

The main body of the homepage is the first heading at level 1, so it’s easy to locate. There you will find announcements, book counter, and general Bookshare information. Following this area is the page footer containing social media, legal, privacy, and other miscellaneous links. 

To learn what’s new on the website, choose the “Learn what’s new!” link. If you have questions, please visit the Help Center or contact Customer Support.