Generate Reports of Members’ Bookshare Usage

For a Single Member

1) Select the "Members" link on your "My Bookshare" page.

Screenshot of My Bookshare page with red circle over Members link on left column

2) Select the last name of a member. This will take you to that member’s dashboard.

Manage Members page with red circle over a member's last name

3) At the top of the page, you will see some basic information about the student. You can edit the member’s information by selecting the pencil icon. Below that section, there are links to lists of assigned books, downloaded books and Reading Lists the student has been assigned to.

Screenshot of Member Dashboard with assigned books, downloaded books, and reading lists links circled

4) Teachers can create a report of the Member's Download history by selecting the "Downloaded Books" link. Books can be sorted by different variables and can be exported to a spreadsheet (a .CSV file, which stands for “Comma-Separated Values.”) You can open and manipulate the .CSV file in Excel.

Screenshot of Member Dashboard with Download Report Link circled

Example of a Member’s Download History, exported to a .CSV file

spreadsheet cvs file with columns district, school, format, download date, etc

For the Organization

1) On your “My Bookshare” page, select the “Organization Info” link.

My Bookshare page with Organization Info on side column highlighted

2) Select the “Organization Downloads” link.

Organization information page with link to Organization Downloads circled

3) Here you’ll find a list of all downloads by or for members on your organizational account. You can sort and/or filter this information by Date Downloaded, Title, Author, Sponsor (labeled “Downloaded by,” and only available when the book was downloaded by a Sponsor, rather than by the student), Recipient, District, or School.

Organizational Downloads Report page with sort filter circled

4) Select the “Export list as .CSV” link to download a spreadsheet of the information.

Organizational Downloads Report page with export list as .csv link circled

Spreadsheet csv file example