What is adult content?

Books marked as adult content might contain topics that are inappropriate for minors. These topics may include extremely graphic violence or explicit sexual content.

Members over 18 can opt in or out of seeing adult content in search results by changing their account preferences.

Members under 18 who wish to download adult content can have a parent or guardian mail or fax a signed note to Bookshare, requesting the minor's account be allowed access to books marked as containing adult content.

Bookshare is a content neutral collection, and includes books from a variety of perspectives for a wide breadth of readers.   We cannot -- and should not -- make decisions about what content will be most appropriate for your family and its values.  If a minor without print disabilities is able to walk into a public library or bookstore and get access to a book without an adult's involvement, a Bookshare member who is a minor will be able to access it here under the same terms.  

We encourage families to talk together about what their younger members are reading.  You know your child better than we do, and can help them find books that are a good fit as they grow and mature.