Why should I give my student an Individual Membership?

Bookshare members can have two types of accounts: Organizational and Individual Memberships.

Organizational Members may access only the books assigned to them by a sponsor or teacher on their organizational account. They cannot find and read books on their own.

Individual Memberships provide greater independence and save time for sponsors and teachers. The following are some of the benefits:

  • Individuals can find and read books on their own
  • They can read school-assigned books, as well as pleasure reading
  • They can request books and submit support requests independently
  • Their memberships will follow them their educational career
  • They can build greater reading and overall independence

Note that sponsors and teachers can link Individual Memberships to an organizational roster, assign books, and share reading lists

Learn how to help your students create an Individual Membership.

If you have an Individual Membership that is inactive, learn how to reactivate it.

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