What are DAISY and BRF?

DAISY and BRF are digital formats for accessible materials. NISO/DAISY 3 is the global digital talking book standard (http://www.daisy.org/z3986/), supported by many leading libraries, assistive technology software and hardware manufacturers worldwide that serve those with disabilities. It provides the capability to distribute books digitally with powerful indexing and bookmarking to easily move quickly from one part of a book to another.

For Members who wish to listen to the books, DAISY book reading software with built in text-to-speech is included with membership. As a format, DAISY supports delivering books that include both digital text and recorded human speech. A DAISY document is not required to have both of these components, but the standard provides a way to deliver both. You can find out more about the DAISY consortium at www.daisy.org.

The BRF format is the standard contracted or uncontracted braille selected through account preferences. BRF files may be used to produce hard copy (embossed) braille or read with a refreshable braille display.